September 13, 2013

MSU vs. Alcorn State

Last year, Big Sister's kindergarten teacher was new to town.  We found out very early who she was and who she is married to.

Her name is Michelle Hopson, married to Alcorn State's head football coach, Jay.  If you see her shirt here, she has on the purple and gold!

I promised my girl last year that if they survived kindergarten together, that I would take her to the first MSU home game, that just happened to be against Mr. Jay's team.  She and Mrs. Hopson (and ME) talked a little trash all last year.  More backstory, both Mr. and Mrs. Hopson went to Ole Miss.  So it makes our relationship that much more fun!

Well, needless to say, they both survived last year so we made plans to attend the first game.  I don't know what I was thinking with it being the first part of September.  It's been an extremely pleasant summer weather wise but man, once September started, it's been back to MS summer weather.  HOT, STICKY, GROSS.

Saturday, September 7th was no different.  Man, I think I sweated off 10 pounds.  I wish!

We left early Sat. morning and I was only asked approximately 957 times how much longer or are we there yet.  Just a guess.  It could have only been 829.

Once we got to town, we caught the shuttle to campus.  We found some tailgating friends but since we had already eaten, we decided to head down the kid area for a tattoo and some jumping.  

Once we made it to kid zone and she got her face tattoo, she wanted to go on the inflatable slide.  My friend and I headed straight for the free root beer floats they were giving away.  Good marketing right there.

By then, it was close enough to game time that we could make our way into the stadium.  We were dripping wet.  Did I mention it was hot?  

We were lucky enough to run into our former teacher and her daughters before the heading into the stadium.

Once we got inside and found our seats, it was almost time for the National Anthem, etc.  We got our her earphone things out just in case they did a flyover.  That scared the you know what out of her last year.  They didn't do one so she was good.

Have I mentioned that it was hot?

Once the game started, it quickly got out of control.  We were pulling for our Dawgs but we wanted Coach Hopson to do well too.

This is my friend Tracey.  She is a DIE HARD Ole Miss fan.  Her daughter went to USM and her son now goes to MSU.  She was there to support him.  It took all she had in her to be there.  I'm so proud of her.  We had fun catching up too.  Plus, I have picture proof that she actually wore some MAROON to the game.  She said the fan was necessary or else she wouldn't have carried it!

We had great seats behind the ASU team.  It was neat to see Coach Hopson's dad on the sidelines.  We had ZERO shade so it was pretty miserable until around hafltime when everyone started leaving.

Oh halftime?  It was phenomenal.  We really enjoyed both bands.

Once halftime came and went, the stands started clearing out a bit.  After that, there was a slight breeze so it wasn't quite as unpleasant.

Last year, my girl wanted NOTHING to do with Bully.  Little did she know, we knew who was in there.  Turns out my cousin married a girl who used to be Bully.  Small world!  

Well, this year she really surprised me.  I saw him walking around by where we were sitting. I didn't say anything.  She saw him and saw people taking pictures when him.  She asked if we could go down there and take a pic.  I asked if she was sure and she said no.  Then she decided YES, she was ready.  We headed down to field level (all 4 rows down) and she walked right up to him and tapped on him.

OH MY, she looks grown.

Then some girls standing there asked if I wanted them to take a pic of both of us and in return, I could take theirs. 

Um yes please!

He picked her up and she never even flinched!  I'm so proud of her!

We decided to leave after the 3rd quarter was over.  We wanted to go visit Lisa and her family before it got too late.

Right before we left, they played Johnny Cash's "God's Gonna Cut You Down" and found our favorite Jonathan Holder in the crowd.  He was our closer for the MSU baseball team.  He got QUITE the reception, cowbells and all.  

We headed back toward the shuttle and to my car, we headed over to Lisa's mom's house to change clothes and visit for a bit before heading back home.

I didn't get any pics but one of her daughters and mine played and played.  They are kindred spirits!

We headed home and got back around 11.  My girl stayed awake for all of it.  She crashed less than 5 minutes after walking in the door and was up before I was the next morning!

We had a great time!  It was fun to see her former teacher in a different setting too.  But it was hot and I have little desire for that again.  I will be back for the LSU game and hope the results are the same.  Wouldn't that be nice!!!!!!!
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