September 23, 2013

More Birthdays!

I knew I was going to be late in posting these but here goes!

Happy belated birthday to the absolute best mom in all the world!  She is one of my best friends and has always been my biggest cheerleader. She helps me so much with my girls and we know just how blessed we are!

We had a nice birthday lunch for her this past Saturday, which was her actual birthday.  She's going to have a big week with the birth of her last grandchild!

Happy belated 34th Mom.  We hope you never reach 40!

Saturday was also my brother in law's birthday.

He's our go to guy for all things air conditioning related.  He's saved us a time or two.

He's the middle brother but the one with the most compassion.  He wants everyone to love each other and never wants anybody to get left out.  Middle child syndrome I guess!

Thanks Josh for all you do for us.  Happy belated birthday!
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