September 25, 2013

He's Here! He's Here!

Well, my sis in law and brother were scheduled to arrive at the hospital this morning at 5:30 am for a scheduled section at 7 am.  Little did they know what that sweet boy had in store for them!

After going in to labor and it progressing VERY quickly, my bro and sis in law made it to the hospital about 7:30 and at 8:39 pm, Tate was born!  He's already showing his impatience and determination!  And his absolute adorableness.  Is that a word?  It is now!

He weighed 7 pounds and 14 ounces.  Not too far from the 9 pounds she thought he was going to weigh.  The on call Dr. was there to deliver and I'm so happy they made it in time.  In case you don't live a round here, they had to travel almost an hour to the hospital, during a manhunt on I-20, and the roller coaster that is I-20, and STATE ST. in Jackson.  God was looking out for them.

I cannot WAIT to get to the hospital this afternoon to get my hands on him.  Big Sister asked me this morning to print out his picture so she could show him off during 'Share time' at school. So exciting!

Her parents and my parents are there now. I borrowed these photos from her mom's FB page!

I'm having a hard time focusing at work so I'm leaving at 2:30 to go pick up my kids and head over to get my hands on him!!!

We are so excited to meet Tate!
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