August 28, 2013

Vacation Day 6

This morning, we got up and got dressed up in order to take the coveted 'beach' pictures before our Moms left.

We (ok I) didn't pick a good spot but that's ok. We got a FEW family photos before Baby Sister flew the coop.  She does not sit still for longer than 2 seconds, unless watching Yogi Bear.  Yeah, that's another story.

She was ready to go to the pool.  Plus, she's not as much of a Daddy's girl as her Sister is.

But he did build some pretty darn good sand creations.

We decided we'd had enough eating out with busy kids so we cooked a frozen pizza (yes pizza again, I know!) and watched Epic.  At first, the girls were glued to it.  I think they were tired too.

But then, they got a 2nd wind and were literally climbing the furniture.

Once they went to bed, I went to the balcony to read and listen to the waves.
This sums it up best!

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