August 24, 2013

Vacation Day 4

This day started out with a little rain.  So we played hide and seek around the condo.  Ours had some really good hiding places.  I was able to hide and scare Big Sister a time or two.  So much so that she declared we weren't allowed to scare each other!

 We were potty training while waiting on the rain to pass.

Daddy and Big Sister went out EARLY, before the rain.
I caught them having an in depth conversation waiting on the guy to finish cleaning the pool. 

After the storms, came the sun, for a little while.  There was a cool rainbow around the sun.

After a day of play, we came in to shower and get ready to celebrate the big birthday! 

We let her open her present before we left for dinner at Lulu's.  

She opened that one present piece by piece.  Big Sister was there to help, of course!

New cups and a talking Minnie to go with the Mickey and Goofy we already have!

Then, we headed out to Lulu's with our new loot. 

Lulu's is not all that fun in the wet and rain.
We won't talk about the food either.  Needless to say, we won't be back.

What do you want to eat?

I'll have some ice.  Yep, that's all she ate at her birthday supper. Oh and maybe a french fry.

Once the dinner was over, we headed back to the condo for dessert!

Which was enjoyed by all!

Happy birthday celebration Baby Girl!
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