August 20, 2013

Vacation Day 1


We decided many many months ago to take a beach/vacation/birthday trip to Orange Beach.  We stayed at the same condos as we did last year, but in a bigger one.  We invited my mom and my MIL to join us since we were technically there to celebrate Baby Sister's 2nd birthday.

I'm going to try and break the posts down by day. We'll see how that goes.

On the road by 10 am Saturday.

The normally 5 hour trip turned into a 7 hour trip due to stops for lunch and a Target return and one screaming fit from a kid who just wanted to get out of the car and run around.

We arrived by 4:30ish and the girls were itching to get out and play.  So we did.

Baby girl was NOT a fan of the sand on her feet, or hands, or face.  And no that's not my cigarette pack on the ground.  Someone left them there from earlier in the day. 


Pure joy!

This was taken before she declared she was done with pictures for the week.

Getting over her fears.

Splashing in the waves.  One of the few days we had waves.

Mom headed out to get us some supper while we played.  After a dip in the pool, we went up for supper and to unpack.  

Day 1 was a LOOOONNNNGGG one but we were soooo glad to be on vacation at the BEACH.

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