August 1, 2013

Getting to Know You

Sorry, I know you are all singing the song now.  Getting to know you, getting to know ALL about you!

You are WELCOME for that!

A couple of months ago, I started seeing and receiving some tweets about a MS women's blogging group.  I read many many blogs and never considered myself 'one of the elite.' I'm certainly not know either, but with this group, it helps.  We've all developed a kindred relationship over the past few months. I know more about some of these ladies than I do my neighbors!  

If you are a blogger in MS and are interested in joining, it's super easy.  Visit their site, click join MSWB and follow the directions.  It's that simple!

Mississippi Women Bloggers

1.  What part of MS are you from?  West Central MS.  Born and raised here and lived here all but 6 years of my life. I made the famous statement in high school that I would never move back to my hometown.  Then I started thinking about babies. I knew I wanted to be closer to family for that.

2.   How long have you been blogging?  Since July 2010.  3 years.  Totally crazy.

3.   Why did you start blogging?  I LOVE to write.  It's such an outlet for me.  I don't have much time between work and kids but I try and find time to put my feelings on paper.  Plus, I blog stalked for YEARS.

4.   Tell is what we can expect when reading your blog.  Oh my.  Have low expectations please!  My blog is partly to chronicle important things in my life and my children's lives and to partly vent my frustrations in general.  Probably not the best platform for that but it's worked for me.  My space.  My words.  My thoughts.  My delete button (if necessary). 

5.  What does your blog title mean?  After many years of blog stalking, I realized that most of those blogs were all happy and cookie cutter.  My life is happy but by no means perfect.  I wanted a space to be able to keep it real, meaning I would blog about the good, the bad, and the ugly.  No holes barred!  

6.   What do you love about being part of Mississippi Women Bloggers?  The relationships.  Plus all the hard work Megan and others put in to helping promote my blog.  But the relationships I've made via blogs and Twitter are amazing.  These ladies are strong in their faith and encourage me daily.  

7.  Who inspires you to blog?  I should say my children or my husband here, right?  Honestly though??  It's other people.  People that don't update their blogs regularly when I'm trying to stalk them.  People who always blog about happy stuff.  People who blog about totally random stuff that makes no sense!  I know, I'm weird.  I accepted that LONG ago.

8.   If you could pick a favorite blog post from this past year, what would it be?  Oh man, another tough question.  There have been many.  Here are just a few in no particular order.  
Mom Guilt
Bulldog Baseball
Color Me Rad
40 Years
1st Birthday
All About Me
MY Hometown

9.   Do your real life friends know you blog?  How do they respond?  Most of my family and close friends know I blog.  Most of them are supportive and give me topics to blog about.  I am semi-conscience of who reads my blog but it rarely stops me from posting something.  I'm glad to say I have a wonderful family and close friends that keep me grounded and challenge me.

10.  What is your blogging routine (if you have one)?  Routine?? What's that???  I would love to say I have one but I don't.  I used to have time to do some from work but that's not the case anymore.  So, it's usually LATE at night (my clock says 11:11 pm as I type this) after my kids have gone to bed.  I don't EVER want a blog to take me away from what little time I have at home with my kids.

11.  We all love social media!  Are there any social media links you would like to share so we can follow you?  I'm not big into FB. In fact, I just reactivated my account after taking a NICE summer break.  But, you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram.  I check those a bit more regularly.  I'm also on Google+. Fair warning, I mostly post pics of my kids though.  Twitter is my media of choice.  You might want to refrain from looking at my timeline anytime MSU is playing ANY sport.  I get obnoxious and I know it.  It's a bad habit and admitting it is the first step right??

12.  Name 3 bloggers who have not joined Mississippi Women Bloggers that you would like to see join us!
          Margie - Marge in Charge
There are many others so get on it ladies!  

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me just a little!

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