August 2, 2013

First Tooth Lost FINALLY

So my big kid has been pulling and wiggling her tooth for probably 8 months or so.  It's been a WHILE.  Seems like forever.  She won't let anyone else touch it.  At all.  

My nephew has already lost 2 teeth and so have most of her friends.  School starts Monday (unbelievable!) and I really wanted her to lose it before school started.

Wednesday night after church, my sis in law and bro were looking at it.  Turns out that tooth was pretty much dead and starting to get ugly.  I knew it was time to get it out.  I was afraid I might have to resort to sitting on her so I could pull on it.   I knew it would only take barely a pull for it to come out.  My veterinarian brother gave me some 'tools' to use to be able  grab it.  That's how Hayes' first one came out.  Turns out that tooth was so loose, she basically licked it out. She was trying to move it with her tongue and grab it from the front.  All of the sudden, I saw it lying in her mouth. She didn't even realize it was out!  She then proceeded to fall on the floor laughing hysterically because she 'licked out her tooth.' 

No, there is no video because she was crying hysterically before that since I tried to semi-wrestle her to get my hands on it.

Thank heavens that tooth is OUT.  Now, I hope the next one will be much easier!  




 She wrote a note to the tooth fairy asking if we could keep her tooth.  Just for memory sake.  I'm sure some people just keep them and put them up, but we put ours in her display case someone gave us years ago.

And the tooth fairy wrote back.  Of course you can keep that tooth!

And, she got a whopping $1.25.  And she was THRILLED with that.  She told my sis in law that she didn't want to get rich.  I'll take it.

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