August 18, 2013

2 Years Old

2 years ago today our lives changed forever.  We welcomed our 2nd daughter into this world after a year of surprises and heartache.

What a blessing she has been and will continue to be!

Boring stats....
Diaper - Size 5.  I'm sure we'll be here til she's potty trained.  She's going in the potty pretty good but I'm still not forcing it.  If I had 3 days to devote ONLY to potty training, we might could master it.

Weight -  No clue.  We have our 2 year well baby visit in a week and a half so we'll find out for sure then.  She's pretty heavy though.

Clothes - Still all 24 month or 2T.  Every now and again, I throw on a 3T just for fun.

Sleep - What's that?  Nah, she's been sleeping ok, sometimes.  When she does sleep all night, it's usually from 8ish to 7ish.

Teeth -  A ton of them.

Activities - This girl is a tornado.  She never walks anywhere, it's always running!  She is the most difficult subject in the world to photograph but the prettiest if you catch a good one.  She keeps us on our toes allllll the time.  She loves to cuddle and be super silly, especially when she's tired and supposed to be asleep.  It's a darn good thing she's cute!

We just celebrated her birthday all last week while at the beach.  She was NOT a fan of getting sand on her hands or in her face.  It took her a while but she liked the Gulf.  It helped that the waves were almost non-existent the entire time we were there.  She would prefer the POOL at all times.  One time she took off into the pool (one end was the kind with no steps, just a gradual decline into the water) with no life jacket and just sat down.  Luckily, Daddy was close by to rush in and save her.  She was fine but I'm glad I missed that!

Eating - If she could live on ice, milk, goldfish and gummies, we'd be set.  Pretty much every place we ate last week, she just munched on ice.  Not a big seafood fan, I guess.  She does love some edamame, like her sister.  She never eats a ton of anything.

Baby Sister, what a joy it's been to see you grow into the toddler you are today.  You SHRIEK (loudly) when you are excited about, well, anything.  Especially your Big Sister.  You can throw a fit in 0.2 seconds flat.  But it's usually over in about 10 seconds, or unless you get distracted sooner.

I cannot imagine our lives without your little ray of sunshine!  You complete our family.

So happy birthday to you sweet girl.  Happy birthday to you.
Cha cha cha!

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