July 27, 2013

Lake Life

A few weeks ago, we made a day trip to visit a few of our favorite people at Eagle Lake.  We love going on non-holiday weekends so there are less people.  My how things have changed.

Going to the lake with 2 kids and just me is hard work.  I'm constantly looking for each kid and I'm pretty much exhausted by the time we leave.   It's all worth it but man, I miss those weekends where we would hang out and play all weekend long.  With no responsibilities.

But, my kids love it so we still go.

We started out at my friend LB's house.  I didn't get any pictures there but she has a pretty sweet house and pier and awesome HUGE float to hang out in.  Baby Sister was NOT a fan though so we didn't stay in that long.

After lunch, we headed over to Firefly Hill to see our buddies F and C.  We also got to see another friend from the babysitter's so it was like one big daycare party!

My girl loves her some F and C!!!  I mean, walks in the sitter's every morning looking for C. ADORABLE.  I hope they all grow up to be best friends, like their mamas!

We had such a great time.  One kid sacked out before we ever even made it to the cotton gin and the other one was actually quiet in the car.  HUGE success if you ask me.

Thanks for inviting us over to play my friends!  I'm lucky to have friends with lake houses!
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