July 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Uncle Tony

Today is my big brother's birthday.  I won't give away his age but I'll just say this, he's getting old.  Sorry bro.  I'll be there in a few years.

Last weekend, I happened to be looking around my parents' house for some old photos to compare baby pictures.  I came across soem GEMS.  GEMS I tell ya.

So here you go. 

Best buds, Tony and Casey.  Yes, they look exactly the same now. With a few more pounds and a few less hairs.  Just kidding. Neither of them are going bald.  Yet.

Man, you sure have a cute baby sister!

Happy birthday big brother.  Thanks for being the best brother in the world.  And my only brother.  But you are one awesome Uncle Tony to my kiddos too!

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