July 5, 2013

4th of July Recap

We had a low-key 4th of July celebration since it was on a Thursday and some of us had to work today.  I could have taken off but I would rather save my days for our vacation next month.  Plus, it ended up raining and yucky today.

Wednesday night (July 3rd), the VNMP was having the Grand Illumination.  Volunteers were lighting LED 'luminaries' at each state monument for each soldier that died from that state during the Civil War.  Man, it was a bunch.  Big Sister and I rode through, along with 1500 other cars!  It was so cool that we rolled the windows down and soaked it all up.  The only thing I didn't like was that they wouldn't really let you stop and take many pictures.  They just shuffled us thru like cattle.  But, I'm glad we went.  It was neat.

My co-pilot.  And yes, she's sitting in the front.  We were going thru the Park and were driving 5-20 MPH.  She didn't stay there.  It's was way better from the front!

Here are a few pictures I managed to get with my phone that turned out ok.

 I think this was West VA.

 TN Monument

You missed something special if you didn't go!

We didn't have many plans on the actual 4th of July.  We all slept in (believe it or not), then cleaned house a bit and then went swimming.  

After lunch, a nap (for Baby Sister) and some more swimming, we headed to Nana and Papaw's.  We did the usual, rode the 4-wheeler, played kickball, pushed a stroller, ate, and just played.

We left Baby Sister with Nana and Papaw to spend the night since the Sitter was out of town Friday.

Big Sister and I headed Downtown to see the fireworks celebration.  They do it right!  $30,000 for 30 minutes of fireworks.

Big Sister isn't a fan of loud things (which is sooooooo ironic if you know her, and how LOUD she is) so we sat pretty far away from where they were launching.

 Her face kills me in this one.
With a cousin.

Overall, it was a good show.

I'm glad we went to that as well.

We made it home around 10 and got in the bed.  It made for a grumpy Big Sister today, but she recovered after a trip to the donut store.

We hope everyone had a great holiday!
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