June 14, 2013

The Apple Tree

Big Sister had a dentist appointment on Monday that we had rescheduled about 10 times.  We can't miss the first day of VBS or other important things just for a cleaning!

Her appointment was at 9:10 so she came to work with me for a little while.  She may drive me bonkers most of the time but she's so smart that it's scary.  She is already gunning for my boss' job!  We recently rearranged our office space so I'm in a new area. She noticed that I had a few extra desk pieces that were empty and not going to be used.  She asked if that could be her 'office.'  Who am I to deny that?

So, while I was in a meeting, she decorated her space.  My space is full of her artwork so I'm thinking I should draw her a pic to put up!

After she decorated her office, she made a book for me.

I don't know about you, but I'm impressed.  And I'm prejudice. 

I present to you, 
The Apple Tree.

 (Notice the staples! She even made it like a book)

I'm so glad I took pictures of this one.  I'll cherish it forever.  And maybe I'll pull it out and read it when she hits adolescence and we both want to kill each other!
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