June 26, 2013

I'm one proud gal!

I will be honest.  It was disappointing not to win a national championship.  Especially when it was soooo close.  We just didn't play as well as we had been the past few weeks.  Give credit to UCLA.  They are a darn good team.

I'm so proud of this Mississippi State baseball team.  Never an unkind word about ANYONE.  They like to have fun.  They call each and every guy on the team a brother.  You never find that in college sports.  

I'm so glad I'm an MSU and was able to experience this.  Granted, it was from my living room and not in Omaha, but I was able to show my love for this team to my daughters.  Maybe one day they will be as obsessed as me (Your welcome Honey!).

No one says it better than MSU reporter, Bob Carskadon.  I had Bob's mom as a teacher at MSU.  One of my favorite.  Probably my favorite non-Communication professors.  Bob really puts his heart and love into writing about MSU sports.  He says everything I want to say about this Bulldog baseball team.

You can read it here.  Thank you Bob (not that he reads this, but you know, just in case)!  Oh, and yeah, I cried when I read his article.  'Cause I'm a dork.

I'm also proud of the MSU fans.  They FLOODED Omaha making the stadium Dudy Noble North and the announcers calling it Starkville, Nebraska (we won't mention the other comments from the drunk old announcer!!!).  I had friends there. Some ended up on TV (ha, Carolyn I felt ya!).  They supported this team all the way to the end.  And for all those 20,000+ fans that were in attendance, and those watching at home, I hope you are all now true baseball fans.  I'm sure many of you were just excited to be watching MSU play for a national championship in something, but baseball deserves the respect now.  I've always thought they did, but now everyone else is aware!  Now, come visit the Dude in the spring and let's work on getting them back to Omaha in 2014!

Wes Rea, our ginormous 1st baseman, summed it up last night too and sent this out via Twitter.

 Go Dawgs!
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