June 20, 2013

22 Months

So, Baby Sister was 22 months old on June 18th and I'm behind in my posting the latest.

Diaper - Size 5

Weight -  According to the Dr.'s scale, she's 29.7 pounds.  We had to go for a visit last week.  Apparently, we were/are teething (2 year molars) and/or had a fever virus.  No more fever but teething is still happening.

Clothes - We are getting her mostly in 2T clothes now as they are longer and my girl is tall!  Most of her sister's 2T clothes are for cold weather seasons so she's gotten a few new outfits lately.

Sleep -Apparently my girl has a love/hate relationship with sleep.  Due to the teething/fever virus/etc. we've had a lack of sleep as of late.  It's slowly getting better but Mama usually runs on 5-6 hours of sleep a night.  One night, bless it, I had 4 hours of interrupted sleep.  As in, I was up just about every hour of those 4 hours.  I was a zombie at work the next day.  My kids don't care that Mama has to go to work the next day.

One day, I will get more sleep.  Right?  Please tell me yes.

Teeth -  This is the ruler of all things evil right now.

Activities - We have fully entered the MINE stage.  Yep, every single thing is MINE MINE MINE.  Such a fun time.  We are working on this.  Other than that, she's still pretty much my happy all the time kid.  She likes to sing and dance with her sister to VBS music.  She LOVES to high five and fist bump (BOOM).

This girl is my girly girl.  I know people probably think it's weird that I have 2 girls and only one of them is into playing with baby dolls and princesses.  Granted, she loves building blocks but she would prefer to 'feed the baby' or push her doll stroller.

Thanks to her Big Sister, she likes watching TV.  Movies especially.  Although, she gets bored with it.  She would prefer to go to bed with the TV on every night but I'm not a fan so we don't do it often.  I will say that MSU baseball and The Duggars put her straight to sleep.  Pretty quick I might add!

She loves Dora and Mickey and Minnie and Jake and the Neverland Pirates the most.  We've tried to semi-steer her away from Dora since her sister was ALL about Dora for about 2-3 years.  Not sure Mama and Daddy can handle a ton of that squeaky voice yelling MAP MAP! 

My girls LOVES to swim.  She loves the 'big bathtub' as we call our pool.  She lets me dunk her (don't go calling DHS, we are learning) and knows how to blow bubbles and spit out the water if it gets in her mouth.  She really needs swimming lessons but not many people do them for this young an age.  So, I'll keep working with her, for now.

Still uses the potty about once or twice a day.  I'm still not pushing at all.  But, I do have M&M's at home and at the sitter's for when she does go.

Eating - Our eating habits are still getting better.  She loves mac and cheese and green beans and asparagus.  We've been introducing more veggies to (all of) our diets.  Some of you who know me will be very proud of my colorful veggie selections lately.

I'm not rushing it but I'm so ready to celebrate Baby Sister's 2nd birthday.  Mainly because we are doing it at the beach and I can't wait to get there.  Since she loves the water in our pool, I can't wait to see how she's going to handle a condo with 5 pools and a splash pad and the beach!

Man, 22 months has FLOWN by.  I've enjoyed almost every minute, minus the lack of sleep and a few fits along the way.

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