May 24, 2013

Food Foto Friday

We had a big meeting at work yesterday with one of our major suppliers.  We all went as a company and had lunch with the guy and his wife.  We had a great time visiting and, of course, eating.  It's what we do best!

This is just a little sampling of what I ate.  I'm not ashamed. 

 Redfish with crabmeat and shrimp.  It was ok. The sauce was a bit weird.  The green beans and potatoes were phenomenal though!  And the bread!

This was dessert.  We were supposed to all get cheesecake, which I don't eat.  I politely declined and she asked if I wanted something else. I asked if they had any fruit.  She went to check and said they had pecan pie and lava cake.  Well, I tried. No fruit so we'll go for the lava cake.  VERY similar to the melting cake we had on the cruise.  DELISH.

The lady beside me eats no sugar so she had this gigantic salad.  Good for her.

And, our meeting went very very very well!  I'm glad it's over though. LOTS of preparation.  Now, onto the follow up!
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