May 2, 2013

Cruise Food

I've decided to post just the food pictures right now.  I want to (but don't have time to) blog about all of it.  One day.  Plus, I need to get my underwater camera pics developed.  Yes, developed.  I haven't done that is YEARS.  But, I can't wait to see if I got any decent pics when we went snorkeling in BEAUTIFUL Cozumel!

We started eating as soon as we got on the ship, before we ever even left NOLA.

Captain's Dinner night - Shrimp and Lobster with mashed potatoes and broccoli. All of it was delish, except the broccoli which I shared with my neighbor.

 We sing to every employee for their birthday or their work anniversary.  It just happened to be one lady's 6th anniversary with the company.  They came over singing to her and she turned BEAT RED. And she's a pale red head so you could tell it.  She was over the moon though! 

This dessert (above) is one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth. Chocolate melting cake.  Oh my word.  It's warm and gooey in the inside with just a hint of brownie. It's pretty rich but oh so fine.  If you eat it with some of the ice cream, it helps cut out some of the richness.  I had this 3 of 4 nights.  Probably why I gained 2 pounds.  Sooooooo good.  My boss LOVES chocolate and only came to dinner one night to eat this. She didn't eat anything else but this. One of the other ones at her table said it was just awesome to watch her face eating it! Pure joy! haha. And worth every.single.calorie.

Grilled Mahi Mahi with au gratin potatoes and some kind of steamed/stuffed tomato, also shared with my neighbor.

Each night on the menu, they had a 'Southern Comfort' type item.  One night it was meatloaf.  This night it was fried shrimp and fries.  This was also the day we were in Cozumel all day.  We didn't have time to eat in Cozumel so we ate pizza and ice cream as soon as we boarded.  The shrimp and fries came 2 hours later.  And yeah, I ate most of it. Not ashamed.

Crab cake was our appetizer choice one night.  Yes please. I wish I would have asked for this as my meal!

 This was another dessert I tried the last night.  Amaretto chocolate cake.  It was good but really rich and I preferred the melting cake over this.  But at least we tried.

So there is just a sampling of some of the good food we had.  I'll try to post some more pics as soon as I can.
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