May 7, 2013


The last time I went on a cruise (and the only other time) was my honeymoon.  We went on the Carnival Holiday 11 years ago.  So, it's been a while.

On that trip, we went to Playa Del Carma and Cozumel.

Since this one was just a 4 day, we only made a stop in Cozumel.

I decided to actually book an excursion this time.  We didn't on our honeymoon because we wanted to have time to explore and shop and eat.

I was a little worried since we are only in Cozumel for like 6 hours, max.  Worried if I would have enough time to do anything.  After talking with a few co-workers, I decided to do one.  The picking of which one to do was a whole other story. 

Since my days in college as a Delta Delta Delta, I've loved all things dolphin 
(DDD's mascot).  I thought about swimming with the dolphins and how much fun that would be.  A chance of a lifetime.  Well, apparently no one else wanted to do that and I didn't want to go by myself.  So I went with 2 other people from the marketing department to snorkel and kayak.

We went to Chankanaab National Park.  I will have to say it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.  Click here to look at some of the pictures.

We had a great time.  Our guide was Gizmo and he was awesome.  We were his 'family' while we were there. He always made sure we were comfortable.  He was born and raised in Cozumel and never left the island.  He loves it there.  Much like a small community.  He loves meeting tourists from all over. 


 This place looks like a postcard.

 Me and Gizmo

It's always 5:00 here!

Downtown 'Square' in Cozumel.

Stacey's favorite new bar stools.

This was the same restaurant and table that the hubby and I ate at on our honeymoon!

Getting back on the boat.  Or waiting in line for it.

John and Stacey.  The 1 guy in our office.

 Brenda, Stacey, Joan and Me

 Pirate Ship, Reminds me of the Goonies.

John and I in line.

I had a great time in Cozumel. Just wish we could have been there longer.

Suggestion if you are cruising to Cozumel anytime soon.  Don't do the excursion. Just take a cab to the Park and then you can do what you want at your leisure.  You can snorkel (if you bring your own gear, I'm sure they have some to rent there).  I doubt you can do the dolphin stuff but you can watch and ask!  The place was beyond gorgeous and we only got to see a little portion of it.  We didn't even have time to eat while we were in Mexico. We chose to spend it shopping and just ate once we got back on the ship.

I'll try and post some of the snorkeling pics next. I have to take my crappy underwater camera to get developed but John took a ton of great pics that I am sure are way better than mine.
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