May 6, 2013

Carnival Elation

Just another post full of pictures from my cruise.

Here are a few pics of our cabin aboard the Carnival Elation.  And some of our towel animals.

My roommate's bottle of wine there.  I don't think it was ever even opened.

Her bed

My bed

Towel Animals

We actually had a few attend the how to make towel animals class.

Now for pics of the ship.

 From the back of the boat, at sea day 1
 From the front of the boat, at sea day 1

 The Lido deck, at sea day 1
 The 'tail'

 Showing all of the boat when we docked in Cozumel, Mexico

 Our wait staff each night, Rudi, Hamdini, and Iwayan, all from Indonesia.  They are on the ship working 13-14 hour days for 9 months out of the year.  They get 1 lunch off a week (4 hours) but they still have to work dinner. They have families at home they never get to see.  Tip them extra if you cruise!  They were fantastic. 

 They also danced (Gangham Style) and sang most every night.

This is our oldest employee, Mrs. Shirley.  She just got up and started dancing with them!
 Some of the food sculptures on Mexican night.

More from the boat. Taken by my co-worker and our art director, John.  Most of these he took after we had all gone to bed. He's a night owl.

Our hallway, LATE at night. I was in the bed. ha.

The slide, a favorite by all.  As long as you know it's salt water in that pool.  John did not. He was surprised by that.

Putt putt area at night.  You can't play then but it's super windy up there.

Ok, I think that's enough of the ship itself.  Next up, Cozumel!

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