May 21, 2013

21 Months

Ok, so I totally missed Baby Sister's 21 month birthday. Not really a birthday but you know what I mean!
She's growing by leaps and bounds and I can't keep up!

Diaper - Wearing a size 5 but thinking about getting a 6 for nighttime but haven't done it yet.

Weight -  I'm guessing she's about 28 pounds.

Clothes - She can still wear some 18 month clothes but she's too tall for most of them.  So most of her clothes are 2T or 24 months.

Sleep - Sleep is usually pretty good.  We just converted her to a toddler bed this past weekend and that threw a kink in things but after her awesome Daddy figured out that she wanted her new bed to be like a fort, she has no problems with it.  At least, so far.  We'll see.  The first day or so was not fun.

Teeth -  She has a mouth full of teeth but I'm sure will start getting her 2 year molars soon.  Oh joy.

Activities - She knows all (or most) of her body parts. She knows who most people (ones we regularly see) are when we point to them.  She talks up a storm but only some of it can you understand. I remember her sister talking better at this age, but I'm not complaining at all.

She adores babies.  She likes to touch them (gently) and kiss on them.  She is not a big fan of me holding them though.  I'm her Mama.  I'm trying to prepare her when the new NEPHEW comes in Sept. because I plan to hold and love on him a TON.

We never had this problem with her sister but maybe once or twice but my BABY loves to color.  On everything.  Yep.  Can't leave a crayon unattended or it will be on the floor or the table or the door or the wall.  Thank heavens for Magic Erasers.  She loves chalk too, which is much easier to get out of things.

This girl wants to do EVERYTHING her Big Sister does.  If one goes outside, the other one is not far behind. I'm so glad they (mostly) play well together.

She's using the potty some but nothing on a consistent basis. I'm not pushing it but would sure love to lose that cost of diapers.  Then again, sometimes (traveling) diapers are way easier.

Eating - Over the past month, this kiddo has been eating way better.  She ate half of a half of a PBJ sandwich.  She LOVES apples and goldfish.  She still doesn't eat a ton but she's willing to try more stuff.   I'm totally not worried about it.  She's been drinking way more water now that we have a side-by-side fridge with a ice/water dispenser. Luckily, it has a child lock on it so it won't go off every time she pushes the buttons!

I still can't believe my little girl will be 2 in 3 months.  Blows my mind.  She's so independent, it's ridiculous.  And, we are still planning a beach trip for her birthday.  They changed the school calendar but we already got Big Sister's absences excused since our vacation was planned before the change.  So thankful for our school, teachers, and principal!

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