May 29, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Dare To Compare

May 24, 2013

Food Foto Friday

We had a big meeting at work yesterday with one of our major suppliers.  We all went as a company and had lunch with the guy and his wife.  We had a great time visiting and, of course, eating.  It's what we do best!

This is just a little sampling of what I ate.  I'm not ashamed. 

 Redfish with crabmeat and shrimp.  It was ok. The sauce was a bit weird.  The green beans and potatoes were phenomenal though!  And the bread!

This was dessert.  We were supposed to all get cheesecake, which I don't eat.  I politely declined and she asked if I wanted something else. I asked if they had any fruit.  She went to check and said they had pecan pie and lava cake.  Well, I tried. No fruit so we'll go for the lava cake.  VERY similar to the melting cake we had on the cruise.  DELISH.

The lady beside me eats no sugar so she had this gigantic salad.  Good for her.

And, our meeting went very very very well!  I'm glad it's over though. LOTS of preparation.  Now, onto the follow up!

May 22, 2013

Kindergarten Celebration

Well folks, we survived kindergarten.  I won't say it was easy but both of us have learned so much!  As much as we learned, I can honestly say that I'm glad it's over.  We are soooo ready for first grade!

But, not after a summer with a calendar full of fun stuff!

My kiddo made so many new friends this year.  At the start of the year, she only knew one or two kids in her class.  Now, we know so many of them!  And their parents!  We are thankful for new friendships!

So I forgot my good camera so these are from my phone and we were not on the front row.

 2012-2013 Kindergarten class

 Getting our certificate from Ms.Burris, Principal

 Showing off our certificate

 I LOVE this one.  
So happy my parents were able to come.

 Our teacher

 Best friends.  And like 7th cousins. Somehow.
With blue lips from the cake icing.

If you ask my kid who her best friends are at school, she will tell you the girl in the pic above and then Trent, in the pic below.  So happy to know her best friends have Christian homes and similar values.

Man, what a year it's been! Bring it on 1st grade. 

One year down, 12+ to go!

Have a fun summer everyone!

May 21, 2013

21 Months

Ok, so I totally missed Baby Sister's 21 month birthday. Not really a birthday but you know what I mean!
She's growing by leaps and bounds and I can't keep up!

Diaper - Wearing a size 5 but thinking about getting a 6 for nighttime but haven't done it yet.

Weight -  I'm guessing she's about 28 pounds.

Clothes - She can still wear some 18 month clothes but she's too tall for most of them.  So most of her clothes are 2T or 24 months.

Sleep - Sleep is usually pretty good.  We just converted her to a toddler bed this past weekend and that threw a kink in things but after her awesome Daddy figured out that she wanted her new bed to be like a fort, she has no problems with it.  At least, so far.  We'll see.  The first day or so was not fun.

Teeth -  She has a mouth full of teeth but I'm sure will start getting her 2 year molars soon.  Oh joy.

Activities - She knows all (or most) of her body parts. She knows who most people (ones we regularly see) are when we point to them.  She talks up a storm but only some of it can you understand. I remember her sister talking better at this age, but I'm not complaining at all.

She adores babies.  She likes to touch them (gently) and kiss on them.  She is not a big fan of me holding them though.  I'm her Mama.  I'm trying to prepare her when the new NEPHEW comes in Sept. because I plan to hold and love on him a TON.

We never had this problem with her sister but maybe once or twice but my BABY loves to color.  On everything.  Yep.  Can't leave a crayon unattended or it will be on the floor or the table or the door or the wall.  Thank heavens for Magic Erasers.  She loves chalk too, which is much easier to get out of things.

This girl wants to do EVERYTHING her Big Sister does.  If one goes outside, the other one is not far behind. I'm so glad they (mostly) play well together.

She's using the potty some but nothing on a consistent basis. I'm not pushing it but would sure love to lose that cost of diapers.  Then again, sometimes (traveling) diapers are way easier.

Eating - Over the past month, this kiddo has been eating way better.  She ate half of a half of a PBJ sandwich.  She LOVES apples and goldfish.  She still doesn't eat a ton but she's willing to try more stuff.   I'm totally not worried about it.  She's been drinking way more water now that we have a side-by-side fridge with a ice/water dispenser. Luckily, it has a child lock on it so it won't go off every time she pushes the buttons!

I still can't believe my little girl will be 2 in 3 months.  Blows my mind.  She's so independent, it's ridiculous.  And, we are still planning a beach trip for her birthday.  They changed the school calendar but we already got Big Sister's absences excused since our vacation was planned before the change.  So thankful for our school, teachers, and principal!

May 17, 2013

Photo Friday

My kiddos are excited about the new business in town.  Or at least the hats and toys they give away!

I just think they are cute.

Oh, thankful it's the last Friday of the school year! Bring on summertime!

Happy weekend!

May 16, 2013

Rant for the Day

I'm just going to go out on a limb and say that I just might offend someone with this post.  If so, I'm sorry.  If you don't like it, don't read it.  It's my blog.  My words.  My thoughts.  My observations. 

Each and every day I am appalled at the amount of people in this world, and my community, that are so self-absorbed.  They have no clue what is going on in the community.  They do not read the newspaper.  They don't read social media.  Well, they do plenty of social media. They just don't seem to read about the events going on in their town.

People are so absorbed into their lives that they are not aware of anything outside their circle.  

Why does it matter to so many people that 100 people camped out for free chicken?  It's a promo the company does at each new store opening.  And from what I hear, they did a fine job of it.  And yes, it is just chicken.  But it's free. For a year.  Mostly.  If you are a poor college kid or a mom of a bunch of kids, there is a great savings there.  

Or if you don't agree with their beliefs and values, I get that.  But support new business and don't trash them.  I love when my town gets new business and, here lately, we are getting a ton of it.  They won't survive if everyone is negative.  The only way our community can grow is to be supportive of whatever new business (and current businesses) are in town.

But this isn't about that.  It's about the fact that people post way too much of their lives via social media.  We know when people go to the bathroom (hello all you moms that posted on FB when your kid pooped in the potty the first time, yes, big milestone, I just don't want to read about it), we know what people have for dinner (seriously, I don't care what you or your hubby made, unless you are coming to my house to share it), and we know who you were with and when you were with them.

Let's be honest.  Social media can be fun.  But there is a time and place for it all.  The only (and I state ONLY) reason I still have an active FB account is so my friends and family who live far away can see my children grow up in pictures. Yes, they could read my blog but some are older and it's a big deal just for them to be on FB.

I'm so tired of all the ads.  All the recipes.  All the crap that is FB.  Pinterest is for recipes.  That's why I'm not on Pinterest.  I don't need any extra pressure to bake the perfect dessert or plan the perfect birthday party.  I have enough of that already.

I'm tired of every single time that I log on to check my notifications or messages, and eventually scroll down the news feed some, I have to start deleting or hiding people.  It's a bit ridiculous.

I also don't like that FB messaging seems to be the preferred method of communication for most people.  I understand that some people you don't talk to on a regular basis might need your address for a wedding or shower invite.  But, what happened to old fashioned emailing them?  Or texting them?  Or (OMG) calling them?  Granted, I'm not a phone talker (surprised?) but it's a good way to connect.  Or reconnect.

I guess I really needed to get all that off my chest.  I think this weekend I'm going to delete the FB app off my phone so I won't even be tempted to look at it.  We are blocked at work so that's not a problem.  If you need to get in touch with me, you can email me at erinhern @  Or follow me on Twitter or Instagram.  Or call or text me.  Not putting that all over the WWW.

Or better yet, summer is here for my kiddo (well, next week) so if you are in town and want to do lunch, let me know!

May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

Happy belated Mother's Day to you all.  I've been so busy lately that I can't stop to catch my breath.

The cruise was wonderful but it's thrown my off my game.  I'm exhausted every night by 10:30!  And the Hubby's been working a 'normal' schedule so that's fun and we are getting a ton accomplished (that's a whole other post, I dread him going back to regular shift work), but I'm behind on a ton of other things.

For Mother's Day, the Hubby gave me 3 hours on Friday night to do whatever I wanted.  I chose to have dinner with my dear BFF whom I miss terribly!  It was so nice to reconnect and visit with no interruptions.  After dinner, I ran by the store to pick up a few things for the weekend.  I actually came home a little early!  Oh well.  It sure was nice.

Then on Saturday, I cleaned my house.  I mean, CLEANED.  I didn't finish but I got a good start.  Why do I do this once a year total house cleaning?  I have bunco at my house Thursday!  That's the only time I seem to get it all cleaned at one time!  I tell them I need to have bunco every month at my house so I will keep it clean.

After cleaning all day, we headed out to mom in law's for dinner.  The kids love to ride the 4-wheelers out there.  It was such a nice day too!  Perfect weather!  Good food and good fellowship.

Sunday morning was church and then lunch at my brother and sis in law's house with my parents.  We played kick ball and went frog hunting.  Yet another perfect weather day.

I also got a few super sweet gifts from my oldest.  She was soooo proud of all her hard work.  

I didn't get a pic of the new dish towel she made me at church on Wednesdays. 

This was a book she made at school last week.

 I guess I'm the BEST mom, not the beat mom.  Then again???

She also took all of the notes I put in her lunch every day (they have a little saying on them and then I write a message and yes I keep them and reuse), and made me a sheet full of sentences.  Pretty sweet.

You know, my two kids will beat me into the ground.  They test me until sometimes I break.  They fight like sisters.  They steal from each other (toys anyway).  They utterly exhaust me.

I wouldn't change it for the world.  I complain about them all the time.  I know, bad mom right?  No. I'm real.  My life is not peaches and cream.  It's real stuff.  It's not always easy but it  

Being a mom has taught me soooo much.  It's taught me to be a better person.  To grow.  To love more that I could EVER imagine.  To truly put others before you.  To evolve.  To play more.  To delight more.  To discipline WAY more than I EVER dreamed I would have to.

And for all of these things, I am blessed and thankful.  
And for these two little people,

I'm so glad to say God chose me to be their Mom.

Even though, sometimes it gets old hearing "Mama" 800 times a day.  You KNOW what I mean!

Plus, I have a super Mom who I would not make it without.  She's always there anytime I need her.  Well, most of the time.  And y'all?  I call a lot.  I think she's only told me no a handful of times.

I will have to say that I have the best mother in law I've ever had. Ok, she's the only one I've ever had but she's pretty darn special.  I'm not sure how she's sane after having raised 3 WILD boys but I'd have to say, she did a pretty good job.

Wow, all that to say I'm super blessed and I know it.

Happy Mama's Day all!  (Or belated one anyway!)

May 8, 2013

Snorkeling in Cozumel

I will say that this was the best part of our time in Cozumel.  I've never snorkeled before.  Well, I've attempted when we went to Fort Walton Beach, Fl one year but was not very good at it. I had to fins so I was treading water the whole time. Not ideal.

Here are some of the pics.

Me right after we got in the water. 
Look how clear blue it is.

Virgin Mary underwater statue.  Underwater to protect it, they said.

Me and Stacey

Me and John

Gizmo, our guide, swimming down to show us the sting ray.

Me and Stacey

Me taking pics of John, I think.

A fish joined our party!

They were so close (or so it seemed) that you could reach out and touch them.  They were FAST.

Gizmo swam down and took a pic of us under the water. I'm in the middle.

Some fish and my backside

Getting ready for the clear kayak portion

 Me and my partner, Candi from Virginia.  This was right after she bopped me in the head with the paddle.  Luckily, they are rubber so it wasn't too bad.

 Gizmo giving instructions

 Apparently the best way to see things in a clear kayak is to be under a bridge/walkway.  It blocks the glare from the sun. And the cool fish hang out here.

Jesus Christ statue, similar to Rio de Janeiro.

As soon as we got done kayaking, we grabbed our stuff and caught the cab back to the square to do some shopping.

It was such a beautiful place that I wish I could have spent all day, or a few days, there.  The park was absolutely amazing.  

Here area few pics of the one person that did do the dolphin excursion.  Regretting that I didn't go with her.

Pure joy on that face.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing all these pics. I won't bore you with any more.  At least not for a bit...