April 15, 2013

Wild Friday Nights

I don't know what you all do on your Friday nights but it gets wild at our house.  Well, extra wild when Daddy is home.  

Last Friday, after a LOUD jam session, swing session, and bike/car/scooter session, it was bath time and bed time.  If you get to 8:00 on a Friday night, it gets UGLY.

The oldest is so worn out from the school week that she turns into a personality that I prefer NEVER to see again.  

Yet, almost every Friday night, she rears her head.  

I know I know. You'd think I had learned.  Nope, we do it to ourselves.  

I remember as a kid always wanting to stay up late on Fridays knowing you could sleep in on Saturdays.

Not my kids.  They need to be in bed NO LATER than 8:00 PM on Friday nights.  

If not, all hell breaks loose.  Yep, I said it.

ROUGH times y'all!

I know this is just another season and I'm trying to enjoy it, but MAN, some nights I just want to go sit outside and read a book while they put themselves in the bed.

The same aforementioned Friday night, hubby bathed the youngest while the oldest bathed herself. Mama cleaned the kitchen and got a load of laundry ready.  Daddy handled most of the bedtime ritual.

Then he proceeded to tell me how I should discipline differently.


Then he also told me that he felt for me having to deal with those 2 wild children every night.  I told him that I liked cleaning while he put them in the bed. I got the easy end of that deal.

Granted, it's not that rough every night.  Well, the hours of 7 -8 pm are pretty rough but I know it's short lived and they are tired and I'm ready for some mindless TV.  But we have a routine and we usually stick to that.  Just some days are better than others.

You can relate right?  If not, I don't want to hear it.  Thanks!

This was the conversation between me and Big Sister Friday night while laying in her bed.

Her: "No fair." (We hear this OFTEN so I don't even know what was not fair this time.)

Me: "Life is not fair.  We are supposed to guide you and direct you and lead you int he way you are supposed to go. It's our job."

Her: " No it's not! You're just supposed to be bossy!"

There you have it.  Parenting from a 6 year old's perspective. 

Good times people.  I had to look away to smile and keep from BUSTING out laughing.

Maybe one day I'll write a book about these moments...
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