April 11, 2013

Third Day, again

I'm so thankful I have thoughtful family and friends.  Every Christmas, my sister in law gives each of us (well, each family, not each one individual) a calendar with pictures of the kids.  One of our favorite gifts each year.

Well, this past Christmas, mine and the hubby's calendar had a bit extra paper clipped to April.  

My brother and sister in law gave us tickets to see my all-time favorite band!


This was my (I think) 4th time to see them.  We were first introduced to them in high school when my hubby's (then boyfriend) church youth group went to Atlantafest at Six Flags in Atlanta.  We absolutely fell in love with their music and just how different and unique the lead singer's (Mac Powell) voice is.

Then, when I was pregnant with Big Sister, my brother and sis in law (see a trend?  I like it!) gave the hubby tickets to the Third Day concert in Jackson.

About 2 years ago, Third Day was coming back to Jackson but I couldn't find anyone to go with me, so I didn't buy any tickets.

Lo and behold, a lady I had been teaching youth Sunday School with had VIP tickets for her and her fiance and son.  Well, I was headed to soccer practice for the kiddo and got a phone call from this friend.  Her fiance had a terrible migraine and couldn't go to the concert and she wanted to know it I could take his place.

YES PLEASE.  Luckily, the hubby was on days so he could handle the kiddo at practice. He was not pleased I was going without him though.  

And yes, I was pregnant with Baby Sister.  So I've seen Third Day twice in concert while pregnant.  And no, I'm not with child now.

Needless to say, I was THRILLED at getting to see Third Day again.

We waited and waited and finally April 4th came along!  My awesome Mom came to my house to watch my kiddos and off we went.

We left a little early to beat the traffic and grab some dinner.  Yes, we had a date night on a Thursday night.  (Which is really not all that unusual given the hubby's work schedule.)

After a quick bite at Outback, we headed over to beautiful Broadmoor Baptist Church is Madison.  We found our seats pretty quick and they were perfect.  Well, almost.  Front and center would have been perfect but these were straight up center so they were pretty awesome.  And they were free so I'm not complaining!  Except for the kid behind us that kept kicking our seat.  Incessantly.  And Mom was too busy on her phone to say or do anything.  So we just kept standing up.  At one point the kids yelled, "Ok everybody, let's sit down now so I can see."  Glad he wasn't my kid!

 Right behind the sound booth. 

We were both tweeting. ha!  

Side note: Mac and I were tweeting like we were soo BFF's last night and yesterday. At least that's what I tell myself.  He replied to at least 4 of my tweets to him.  I may or may not be slightly obsessive...

First out was Josh Wilson.  He's an amazing musician and I was surprised at how talented he was.  It was just him and 2 guitars and a pedal.  I learned a few things about how these pedals work.  (Yeah, I'm NOT the musical one in the family. I will stick to promoting them!)

Sorry my pics are terrible.

After Josh finished, Third Day's bass player, Tai Anderson, came out and talked and then introduced Colton Dixon.  You might remember him as the 'rooster' spiky haired guy from American Idol last season (I remember him best for his rendition of Lifehouse's 'You're All I Want,' which he sang last night).  He's a rocker, that's for sure. And the young girls there were SQUEALING for him.  Like he was a Christian Bieber (but with his pants pulled up).

 He's such a great piano player!

After Colton sang (his sister joined him for one song), they had the people raising money for Haitian kids speak. Followed by a set change.

Then it was time for my boys to play!  Every member of Third Day is so talented!  Every note that comes out of Mac's mouth is spot on, except when he disses on my Bulldogs.  No Roll Tide here Mac!

 My FAV of the night. I don't even remember what song they were singing.

 In the middle, they kind of played an acoustic set with the piano.  This was awesome.

After the played for an hour and half or so, of course, they came back for an encore.  They sang 2 more songs and it was over.

I ran into my friend Julie and her husband Josh as we were leaving. Mac stayed down by the stage for a few pictures so of course, I went down.  I was so close that I could talk to him and I told him he wasn't going to be able to come back to Mississippi if he kept making fun of my Bulldogs! (See we are BFFs, minus the fact that he bleeds crimson tide)  I wasn't able to get a picture with him as they were ushering us outside to see Josh and Colton.  But I did steal a few pics of others with him just to prove how close I was!  Man, next time...

All in all, it was one awesome date night.  Thank you so much to Tony and Holly!  I can't wait to see them again.  They are coming to Monroe April 18th if anybody wants to go.  Just let me know and I'm in!
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