April 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Hayes

Today is Earth Day.  It's also an extra special day.

It's Hayes' 6th birthday!!!!!!!!  I love that Big Sister has a cousin so close in age.  Those 2 fight like brother and sister but they would do anything for each other.  

Happy Birthday Hayes!  You are the sweetest and kindest 6 year old I know.  You are competitive and fun loving and boy, do you love construction!  I think you could name every single piece of equipment on Earth!

I'm so glad you got to spend the weekend at one of your (and mine!) favorite places!

 Borrowed pics from Tony and Holly's FB.
You are so sweet to my girls!  Well, Baby Sister especially.  I'm hoping that you get to be a Big Brother of a little sister come September!  If not, we already know you are the best Big Brother to a brother!

I can't wait to continue watching you grow up and become the gentleman you are well on your way to becoming!

We love you always!  And yes, you will get a present from the Kiss Monster!  All because you have one cool Aunt.  And I don't mean that Jojo!
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