April 10, 2013


I love Easter.  It's always been one of my favorite holidays because we get to see some family and friends that we only see at Easter and funerals.  It's sad but we are working on getting together more often.  Anna, Mother's Day weekend???

But the main reason I love the holiday is what it's all about.  The real reason we celebrate Easter.  The fact that our Savior let His Son die for all of us.  Man, that's HUGE.  The older I get and now with my kids, I realize just how big of a sacrifice that was.  The ultimate sacrifice.  I'm not sure how I would handle God telling me to sacrifice one of my girls.  Yet, He know all along how it would end.  And for all of that, I am thankful.  I love teaching my girls about that kind of unselfish love.

Here are the before church pictures.  I bought these dresses back in the summer and I LOVE them.  Big Sister's is pretty big so I'm hoping she can wear it a while. Thanks Mom for hemming it!

 No honey, don't choke your sister for pictures sake!

I love this one. Pure elation at I have no idea what!

Before the girls got all dressed up, they came to see what the Easter bunny brought.  The oldest kind of figured out about the true Easter bunny this year. All on her own.  I'm totally ok with that.  Easter is not about the bunny.  We'll handle Santa when he comes. I'm pretty sure she's going to get that one soon too.  She's smart.

We don't go overboard like all these pictures you see everywhere.  My rule is that if it doesn't fit in the basket, you don't get it.  The girls got books and bubble wands and chocolate crosses (that Big Sister picked out, yep, that's how you find out about the bunny, take them Easter shopping with you, hey, don't judge, I didn't have a choice. Ok, that was a really long run-on and I'm going to just go with it. Lisa, sorry.).  They also got some candy and Baby Sister got a Mickey and Minnie fork and spoon.

Then we headed to church.  We had a nice homemade breakfast while getting to fellowship with friends. Thanks Holly for the extra set of hands!

I'm sure the Easter message was the same and was fantastic. I didn't hear it as I was in the nursery.  I'm ok with that too since I get to hear our preacher's sermons all the time and most that come on Easter don't come to church any other time.  (Which I don't get but that's another post for another day.)

After church, we headed to my parents' house.  (Well, one kid rode with my parents and the other rode with my bro and sis in law.  I went to Walgreen's but that's nether here nor there.)

Before I got there, my sis in law snapped a few ADORABLE pics of all the kids (before the other 2 'cousins' got there).

 My FAV!

We ate pretty quick and then Mom tried to get Baby Sister to sleep while Dad and Tony hid Easter eggs.  We were trying to hurry since it was about to rain.  After all the eggs were hidden, we released the hounds!  Ok, the kids.  They are SERIOUS about their egg hunting.  Well, the older two are.  Really it's all about the competition with each other.  They really should be brother and sister!

 Off to the races!


 Sweet Whitt just took his time.

I think this may be one of my ALL-time favorite pictures.  My dad and Whitt hunting for eggs. Sooooo sweet.

After the last (we think) egg was found, it started to rain so we went inside to check our loot!  Those kids racked up. Note to self, less candy next year.

A little while later (and many a storm and LOUD claps of thunder) the rest of the crew arrived.  By then I had put down my camera since Baby Sister was awake and we all know all she wants is to be OUTSIDE.  We moved the cars out from the garage so the kids could still play outside.  That didn't last long as the rain had about stopped and they all announced they had more clothes to change into if they got dirty.  Yes, all of them.  Which they did.

A few went fishing and a few stayed behind to chat.  I don't have a single pictures because we were having too much fun crying from laughing.  Sometimes it's the same stories over and over but it's still fun to sit around and laugh about the crazy things Larry and Jerry (and Dale) can get into.  Oh and there are always stories of Deanna and Doug, whom we miss terribly.  We know they are in Heaven telling some BIG fish stories!

It got hot too so we all had some popsicles at some point.

We had a GREAT Easter with family friends.  I hate I missed celebrating with the other side of our family but we won't miss it next year! It's hard to split time with families and you are in the same town!
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