April 13, 2013

Cruisin' Outfits

I'm headed on a cruise in 2 weeks!  I'm super excited.  Everyone is my office is going for a 4 day cruise.

I've been thinking about what to wear on this cruise.  I made the statement to my hubby the other night that I can't pack while he's asleep (he goes to bed at 7 or 8 when he's on days, which he is for the rest of April, thank ya Jesus!).

Our commentary went like this:
Me, "I can't pack if you go to bed at 8 and are asleep."
Him, "What are you packing for?"
Me, "My cruise!"
Him, "When is it? Next weekend?"
Me, "No."
Him, "The next weekend?"
Me, "Yes."
Him, "2 weeks! You don't think you are going to need any of those clothes between now and then?"
Me, "Um, no. I have to see what all I have so I will know if I need to go buy anything."
Him, "You don't need to buy anything."
Me, "Yeah I could really use some new capri pants."
Him, "What's wrong with the ones you have on?"
Me, "Hello, these are grandma (no offense to you grandmas out there) pants. Ones that you wear to lounge in or paint in"
Him, "That's all you need to wear on this cruise."

(He also told me I needed to leave my rings at home since me and rings and bodies of water don't mix.
Man, you lose one and you never hear the end of it.
He told me I should wear fake ones instead.  How nice.)

Seriously, he knows nothing about clothes. He wears the same 5 pair of pants and shirts to work every day.  He has a few nice shirts for church and t-shirts.  

Oh to be so simple.

I mean, I haven't even pulled out all my swim stuff to make sure it all fits since LAST summer.

So, this weekend I'm going to try and go through the closet and decide on what I want to wear, to see what I need to by.

Wish me luck.
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