April 9, 2013

Church Egg Hunt

Each year our church's preschool department has an Easter Egg Hunt.  It's usually at a quiet park down the street but this year it was WET and COLD and WINDY.  That combination is not good for little kids, or anybody really.

So this year, my awesome sis in law who planned it all, made the decision to move it inside at the church.  BEST decision ever.

My brother hid all the eggs upstairs as everyone was coming in.  Holly had cookies and drinks for everyone after the 'hunt' was over.  We let the little ones go in the foyer area and the big kids go down the hallway and in a few rooms.  My youngest could care less and just takes her time everywhere she goes.  She only had 1 or 2 eggs so her sister and a few friends shared.

 She looks like a little lady with her purse!

 Headed to find sister.

After the 2 second egg hunt was over, we all headed back downstairs to see what all was in the eggs.

 With candy already in our mouth of course!

 This girl loves to color.
And eat cookies.

After the storm calmed down (not the one outside, the one INSIDE), my brother read about the Easter story to the kids.  He's pretty awesome too.

We had a great time.  Thanks Holly for doing this again this year! Hard to believe next year, our oldest won't be in the preschool department anymore! 

 Little Mama that Big Sister is.  Always...

Stay tuned tomorrow for the family Easter post!  That is way overdue!

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