April 18, 2013

20 Months

Baby Sister is 20 months old today.

Seriously, when did this happen???

Diaper - We have moved up the size 5, although I still have a few size 4 I'm using up sporadically.

Weight -  We had our 18 month check up (late, I know) March 25th. She weighed 27.2 pounds (75th percentile) and was 34 inches tall (90th percentile).  The Dr said as she was coming in the door, "Gosh, you've got another tall girl!"  Yep, we grow them tall apparently.

She also has terrible white coat syndrome ever since our trip to the ER back in Feb.  As soon as the nurse called us back and we went thru the door, she lost it.  Poor thing HATES nurses now. Sorry nurse friends.  She didn't mind our Dr. but she doesn't wear a white coat!  I'm hoping she overcomes this soon.  Since we are done (I hope) with shots for a while, I'm hoping that helps too.

Clothes - Now that the weather is warming up (some) I'm able to use some of the more 'summery' 18 month clothes. Most of them are getting too short though.  I'm just thankful for hand-me-downs!

Sleep - Sleep is pretty good (knock on wood) right now.  Bedtime has been pushed back on most nights to 8:00, but if she's tired (and you know it!), it goes back to 7:30ish.  She usually wakes up around 7 am.  She naps better for me than the babysitter. I guess there is less going on at our house. She will nap for 2 hours at home but maybe an hour to hour and half at the sitter's house.

Teeth -  She has 4 on top, 4 on bottom and 4 molars.  Her eye teeth are finally breaking through her gums.  Yes, all 4.  Well, mostly the 2 on the bottom but the top 2 aren't far behind.

Activities - She can point to all of her body parts.  Her sister LOVES to ask her where everything is and gets tickled when asking where her 'piggies' are!  They are too fun to watch together, most of the time.  Other times, they fight like sisters.  Or just siblings in general.  You know, nobody wants a toy until the other one all of the sudden wants to play with it.

Sweet Big Sister, sometimes


Wanting her sister's drink

She still adores her Big Sister.  There is a new baby at the sitter's named Cash (one of my best friend's son) and she is enamored with him. She always wants to kiss on him and love on him.  She's surprisingly gentle with him. One day she got mad at me as we left the sitter's.  I was helping carry Cash to his car, then put her in my car, and she was furious that she wasn't going with Cash or that he wasn't coming with us!

Soooo sweet.  I'm hoping she still like that when our new niece or nephew arrives in Sept!  That's right, my brother and his sweet wife are expecting #3!  We are all super excited.  I had a feeling for a while that this was coming and my brother called on April Fool's (no joke!) to tell me I was right!

Baby Sister loves music, just like her big sister.  She was humming in the bathtub the other night. I realized she was humming 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' so I started singing it and she joined right in!  Although, you couldn't really understand her, you knew that she knew the words.  She also knows the 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' and it's toooo cute!

She still loves people.  Most of the time.  She loves to wave Hi and Bye to everyone.  She is not a big fan of me leaving her in the church nursery.  Well, only in the baby room.  Has nothing to do with the teachers.  She just hates that 'baby room' and wants to be with the older kids.

Eating - She still doesn't eat much but I talked to our Dr. about it at our last appointment and she told me not to worry about it too much since she's in the 75 percentile for her weight right now.  So we'll keep trying new things and make sure we always have a large supply of goldfish to eat (that's her go to food).

I can't believe my sweet baby will be 2 in a matter of 4 months!  We are planning a beach trip this year to celebrate.  Her birthday is the Sat. before her sister starts 1st grade (wait, what??) so we will spend a week at the beach, relaxing with no schedules, no parties, nothing! At least for a week!

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