March 15, 2013

Tradition - Bulldog Baseball

Ever since I was little, I have been a HUGE fan of Mississippi State.  And more importantly, MSU baseball. My brother played baseball growing up and even went to one of MSU's baseball camps when Will Clark was in school there.  Pretty cool huh?

My mom's sister has lived in Starkville for as long as I can remember.  We used to always go stay with her and go watch baseball. She's a season ticket holder so we always had a ticket or 2.  

I have such fond memories of MSU baseball.  Coach Polk's temper, many a regional and super regional, and that was before I was ever even in school there.

Needless to say, when I got to campus as a student, I couldn't wait for baseball season. I got to know a sorority sister named Julie.  She was as much of a fanatic as I was.  We've spent many a night at Dudy Noble with a blanket and heater. We've also shared some sweat at the Dude and at Hoover Met for the SEC baseball tourney. I'm so glad I had a friend that truly understood my obsession, as my husband calls it.

Since we moved back home, I still try and go to Starkville for at least 1 series a year.  I think I've only missed 1 season where I didn't watch at all.  Sad times.  I've been when I was pregnant and I've been when Big Sister was just a few months old.  She also went with Mom and Dad and I when I was pregnant with Baby Sister, but it rained most of the weekend so we moved to basketball instead.

One of my dreams has always been to carry on this tradition with my children.  I just KNEW my first child would be a boy that would LOVE baseball and one day play at MSU.  Well, God laughed and said, "I'll show you."

Instead, He gave me a beautiful tomboy who loves most sports.

When I mentioned going to Mississippi State for a baseball game, she was soooo excited!

After the birthday lunch and surprise, she and I headed to the stadium.

 She was pretty excited.  For the first few innings.  She did ask my lots of questions and I LOVED sharing my baseball knowledge with her.

 Looks like a postcard. Ah, my favorite place.

 She would NOT let me take a picture of her.
 Eating Sweetarts.  I'm sure I had enough candy and junk to last the rest of the day.
 My view for the afternoon.  So many people were at the beach for Spring Break.  I was right were I wanted to be.

About the 4th or 5th inning, she got bored with it all.  So she played on her Kindle. I was fine with it because she wasn't complaining and asking when we were leaving.  Oh no, that came in about the 6th.

By the 6th or 7th inning, all she wanted to do was go back to Lisa's house to play with the girls.  She didn't want any part of going to the basketball game that she was excited about as well.

We ended up leaving at the end of the 8th because I'm superstitious and we were behind.  We had won 16 in a row, up to this point.  So we left and went to the bookstore to get Daddy some MSU stickers for his new car.  We listened on the radio and we came back and tied it up in the bottom of the 9th. I was super excited thinking my leaving (or the kid leaving, I went Fri and they won!) actually helped them.  The ended up losing in extra innings. Which stinks, but they lost Sunday too.  It's ok, we are still really good.  (Big test for us this weekend as SEC play begins!)

I snapped this picture as we were leaving the field.  Might be one of my favorite pictures of all time.

So happy for these memories!  

Hey SS #1, now we have to get our kids to Hoover Met!!
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