March 20, 2013

The evolution of a picture

This is how unbelievably hard it is to take ONE picture of my busy 1 and a half year old.

This was after bath time the other night while her Sister was in the shower.  She thinks I'm a jungle gym.

She eventually got mad at me because I wouldn't give her my phone so she could look at the pictures.

Then she popped me on the face.  Yep.  My sweet BABY.  So I told her NO, we don't hit, especially Mommy!  Then she rolled over and curled up into a ball and started WAILING.  Until Daddy came to pick her up.  As soon as he did, she jumped for me.  I'll take it.  That NEVER happens. Especially when I'm the one getting on to her!

She's (usually) soooo sweet. I've just resigned the fact that all my pictures for the next year will be blurry since she's constantly in motion.
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