March 1, 2013

First Concert

Last night, my 6 year old attended her very first concert.  She heard that I was going to see Mandisa and she was mad that I was taking her.  So I thought, "Why not?"

So we made plans to attend with my Mother in Law (thanks for getting our tickets C!).

My girl was super excited for a week!  I picked her up from school yesterday and she told me her teacher played her favorite song on her phone right before they dismissed from school. I'm so glad she has a God fearing, K-Love listening, prayerful teacher this year.  It's made the transition for all of us a little easier.

The Good Morning song is my kiddo's favorite song.  We listen to it almost every single morning on the way to school.  It starts the day off right!

And of course, she sang it last night.

We got to see Mandisa and Brandon Heath and Laura Story.

What a blessing.

I'm glad I made a last minute decision to run home and get the 'ear muffs' for my child that does not like loud things.  I don't think she would have stayed the entire time had we not had those!  So yeah, she was the kid walking around wearing these:

We all had a great time and I think it was a success!  She SACKED out as soon as we got home, which was about 2.5 hours AFTER bedtime.  Bless her sweet teacher today.  I've already apologized.

Here are some pictures.  This was the beginning.

Brandon Heath was pretty fun.  He likes to tell stories.

Then we got to hear from Laura Story.  She is amazing.  If you have not heard her story, google her.  She and her husband had only been married a year when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  He's not fully healed but doing well.  Now, 8 years later or so, they have a beautiful 5 month old daughter.  She wrote (and sang last night) one of my favorite songs, Blessings.  I've posted about it before.

She is a worship leader but gets to travel with these 2 as well.

This is where she is telling us her story.  Pretty powerful words and story.

Of course, we got to see more Mandisa.  My kid kept telling me that the guy was singing too much and she wanted Mandisa back!

She sang a little, danced a little, did a little Zumba, a little preaching, and some major worship!

My kid even drew this picture during intermission, in hopes of actually giving it to Mandisa, which didn't happen but she was ok with mailing it to her!

We had a great night!
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