March 14, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

Last week and weekend there were some birthdays for a few special people!

When I knew the gift one of them was getting and after talking to my BFF, I decided that Big Sister and I should make the trip to Starkville to celebrate.

And what do you know?  There just happened to be some Bulldog baseball in town.  For the (then) undefeated Diamond Dawgs.  Look for that post tomorrow.

The stars aligned and since it was the beginning of Spring Break, we didn't have a soccer game.  And since my kid doesn't get to do anything fun for Spring Break, I decided it was time to go to my favorite place on Earth.

My BFF's twins turned 8 on March 7th.  Man, I can't believe it.  Syd and Sam. So sweet and sooooo different.  And my girl ADORES them.  I think I could have left my kid there all week and she would have never missed me.

 Happy birthday sweet girls!  Now, stop growing.  I won't have it!

Then on March 9th, their Big Sister Presley turned Sweet 16.  That girl has grown into such a beautiful young lady, inside and out.  She's going on a mission trip to Alaska this summer.  So send her some money!  She's using all her birthday money toward her trip.  How mature of a 16 year old!

She is the best big sister and friend anyone could ask for.  She's been through so much in her 16 years and has handled it all with such grace.

We love you to pieces Presley.  You and all your family.
Pres and Granddaddy Bobby

Since she was turning 16, her mom decided she needed a car.  She can't drive it by herself until May so that gives her 2 good months to learn it all.

After long deliberation, Lisa and Bobby decided on a Ford Focus.  It has great parental controls and is fairly affordable.

The color is beautiful!

So, Presley got the surprise of her life on Saturday.  After a birthday lunch at Lisa's parents' house, Pres was blindfolded and led outside.  I'm so glad I was there to catch her expressions!  There were TEARS from most every grown person there!

 It was soooo windy that day that our balloons ended up in the trees in the yard.
Getting ready!
 The reveal!

The tears!

The happy teenager!

I could not have been more excited to be in on this sweet surprise!
And to get to hang out with this wild bunch!
Christmas card pic Lisa??

We had a GREAT weekend!

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