March 18, 2013

19 Months

Baby Sister is 19 months old today.

Photography courtesy of a 6 year old.

Saying Bye Bye!

Boring Stats, etc:

Diaper -I have a few size 4 left that I'm trying to use up. Once those are gone, we are moving on to size 5.

Weight -  I have no clue how much she weighs. 27 or 28 pounds?  We go to the Dr. for her 18 month check up next week.  We were supposed to go last week but her Dr. was off for Spring Break so we rescheduled.

Clothes - Some of her 18 month clothes she has grown out of.  She's in such a different season with clothes than her sister.  All her 2T and 24 month clothes are for winter so she's been wearing those. Now that's it's warming up, she is able to wear some of the other 18 month stuff. Then again, some of it is just too small. She has a ton of clothes so I'm trying to NOT make her squeeze in the old stuff.

Sleep -Sleep is better this month. Well, last week was rough.  I think somebody's cutting either her eye teeth or her 2 year molars. Other than that and the fact that she's a pretty gassy kid, she's been sleeping pretty good.  Still naps about 1-2 hours during the day.  Bedtime is 7:30 and she gets up anywhere from 6-8 in the mornings, depending on the day.

Teeth -  She has 4 on top, 4 on bottom and 4 molars, all in now.  I think she is starting to get her 'eye' teeth but I can't really tell, or maybe her 2 year molars as I said before.

Activities - She goes and goes and goes and then crashes.  Nap times are generally easy. When I know it's time, she is usually easy and drinks her milk and sacks out.

She ADORES her 'Sissy.'  That's the first person she wants to see in the mornings.  Sissy usually gets sugar or loving before any of the rest of us.  Except maybe the dog. She LOVES the dog.  She is a Daddy's girl, just has her sister was.  If Daddy's in the room, you can hang it up.  She wants Daddy first, Sissy second, Sage (dog) third and Mom last.  Unless she's tired, or sick, or ticked. Typical.  I'll take it.

She LOVES to dance and 'sing.'  In the car, in the living room, anywhere.  She loves the music we listen to and will start dancing as soon as she hears it.  Sometimes in the car, she tries to sing the songs.  Her sister and I have a good laugh at all her silliness. 

She loves to wave at people.  When she rides around the neighborhood in her 'car' she waves at everybody, whether there are people there or not.  I call her my pageant princess.  She'll have that wave down pat by the time she's old enough to compete. ha!

Eating - She's still a little too busy to sit down for long and eat.  She loves bananas and cheese right now.  She ate almost all her sister's hamburger from McD's one night before church.  Yet, she hasn't eaten one since? She's still growing good so I'm not too worried about how little she eats right now.

All in all, I can't imagine our lives without this sweet girl.

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