February 5, 2013

Tough Week

Yeah, I know, it's only Tuesday.  This has been a pretty rough week at our house.  Sickness, etc has entered.

And just when I was getting ready to post about how crappy it's been for us, I remembered one of my good friend's dad was having Gamma Knife surgery at MD Anderson.

Thanks God.  I hear you.

My week has been nothing compared to theirs.  NOTHING.

So many are hurting and going through so much.  Mine is all short term.  Sicknesses will come and go.  

For some people, cancer may come and go.  For others, the ending is not as great. 

But just as I'm on my knees in prayer for my friend and her family, Chris Tomlin comes on my Pandora.

How Great Is Our God.

I totally hear you you big guy.


Here's to a better ending to the week.  For all.
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