February 13, 2013

Schooled by a 6 year old

Yesterday on the way to school, I made the simple statement, "I'm so sick of all this rain. It's so dreary."

My super smart 6 year old promptly responded with, "Mama, you just need to pray for a sunny day.  It's not something you normally would ask God for but He listens."

Point 1 to the kid.

Our devotional the night before had been about seeking God in the light and the dark, the good and the bad.  

She gets it.  She hears it.  She understands it.

After that devotional, we were saying our prayers.  She asked me to say mine first.  Then she took over.

My prayers were basically thanking God for a wonderful (GREEN) day and everyone in our family.

When she took over, she thanked God for dying on the cross for our sins, for giving up his son for us, and for giving us everything we need.

Point 2 for the kiddo.

I should know better.  She's smart.  She understands a lot more than I give her credit for.

So here's praying for our friends in Hattiesburg and Oak Grove.  And praying for some sunshine and rainbows.
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