February 22, 2013

NOLA Day 3

This was the last day for the 3 of that remained in New Orleans.  

Our hotel had a great breakfast so after a shower and some breakfast (for me anyway), Lisa and Bobby and I decided to try the restaurant from the night before that had such a long wait. We were hoping to beat the church crowd and the regular crowd.

Lisa has a friend that used to live in NOLA so he gave us some great tips of places to eat.  This one was spot on. Not sure if I would have waited 1 and a half hours for it but it was good.  

The place is called Deanie's Seafood.  We had scoped out the menu the day before and pretty much knew what we wanted to eat.

Bob had the crab quartet, I had the crawfish quartet, and Lisa had a shrimp poboy.  It was all fabulous.  

Yeah, this was my plate.  DELISH.  I brought some of it home for the hubby to wait.  Crawfish prepared four delicious ways – crawfish etouffee, crawfish au gratin, fried crawfish tails and crawfish dressing balls.  AND FRIES.  There was no way I could eat all that.  Their stuffed shrimp looked pretty good too. We were eyeing it at the table next to us.

Lisa's poboy did not come with fries but that thing was HUGE.  Bobby liked his but said it was a bit much crab. ha.

All in all, we had a GREAT weekend with friends, even though hubby had to miss part of it.  

Thanks to my parents for keeping my kiddos.

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