February 20, 2013

NOLA baby! Day 1

Since this was going to be such a long post, I've broken it down into 2.  You are welcome.
It's been at least 8 years since I've been to New Orleans.  We spent a night there on our honeymoon and then went back with some friends another time.  Then Hurricane Katrina came and ravished NOLA and the MS Gulf Coast.

My BFF, Lisa, and her hubby Bobby invited us to NOLA to spend her birthday weekend.  It was 'supposed' to be the end of my hubby's shutdown at work, where he'd worked about 2.5 weeks STRAIGHT mostly 12 hour shifts.  Plus, it's always nice to take a kid-free mini-vacation with your spouse every once in a while.

So when they asked, we said yes.  Of course, we thought Hubby would be off work all weekend.  That didn't happen but it's ok.  He went down for Friday night and came home Saturday, with a new car. That's all for another post.

I ended up taking off all day Friday so I could run errands and we could leave before lunch.  It's only about 3.5 hours from home so it's not a bad drive.

Our friends got there about an hour after us. 

We stayed at the Hampton Inn Downtown.  VERY convenient to everything.   Close enough to everything but far enough away from the craziness.  They had a great breakfast and nice and spacious rooms.

Friday night, we treated Lisa and Bobby to dinner at Drago's Restaurant. Hubby had seen it on the Food Network and Lisa has a friend who told her to try a few places and this was one of them.

They are home to the ORIGINAL charbroiled oysters.  We tried them.  They were ok.  I'm not an oyster fan but these weren't bad.  I won't order them again but at least we can say we tried them.

 Boys will be boys...
 Typical pic of us.

Me and the birthday BFF

Hubby had a pretty good crab cake but the rest of the food was just ok.  Pretty bland to be in New Orleans. Lisa's pasta was pretty good.

 Crab cake
My shrimp platter.  It even LOOKS bland.

This place was huge but I was less than impressed.  And we were starving.

After dinner, we headed over to Bourbon St. for some entertainment. There are crazies there.

Good street performers.

Then we headed into a bar that wasn't very busy and had tables we could sit at.  We are lazy and tired of walking. Plus, the music was good.  This band was playing fun songs with fun instruments.  The lead singer was playing the washboard with spoons.  One of the other guys played the accordion.

We had a good time just sitting around the table visiting.  And people watching, for sure!

Day 1 was a success.  We had a great time!

Check back for day 2.

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