February 11, 2013

Blue Man Group

Most of you know that I enjoy going to plays.  

For my birthday (yeah, back in September), my mom gave me tickets to see a show in May.  

That's how we roll.  I'll take it.

Well, it turned out, that show was not coming due to a scheduling conflict.  So they offered her tickets to see Blue Man Group or the Addams Family Values.

My sweet friend Katrina had just asked him if I wanted to see BMG the week before.  I told her I would pass.  Just didn't see like my cup of tea.  

Then we Mom found out the show was cancelled and they were offering to swap her tickets to BMG, I said sure. Why not?

So I called my date, Katrina (she was gonna be my date to the other show anyway), and she was in.

Since her birthday was earlier in Jan. I told her it was her birthday present too.  hehehe.  Oh, and I bought her dinner.  At Chick-Fil-A.  

Yes again, that's how we roll.

The opening of the show was not at all what I expected.

They had screens showing random tidbits of info. 

And those red things at the top?  They were scrolling things we were supposed to say.  Like happy birthday to someone.  We were instructed to READ it, not sing it.  They told you not to text during the show because it intimated the old folks.  But tweeting was ok!

It was hard to get any good pics during the show.  We were too busy laughing!

They pulled this sweet older lady out of the crowd (don't think she was a 'plant' but she might have been, they did have some of those).  She was talking and talking and talking.  One of the guys almost busted out laughing at one time.

The ending was my favorite part!

 They drummed on these huge balls and then released them to the crowd.

 They were like big beach balls bouncing around.

Then the threw out confetti and streamers.  We were all standing up 'shaking out money makers' as they said.  Oh, and they had like 40 names for your rump.

All in all, I will have to say, this one shocked me but I would say it's in my top 5 or 10 shows of all time.

If you have the opportunity to see them, DO IT!  I was a skeptic, but not I believe. 

Thanks Mom for a great birthday present. From Katrina and ME!
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