February 9, 2013


This year, I decided to let Big Sister add 1 more activity, something other than soccer.  I tried to convince her to try dance, since she knows the teacher (her son is in the same class) but it was a no-go.  

She's so my child.

So what did she pick?  Well, she originally wanted to play baseball.  Well, softball.  Then, after going to the YMCA's day camp over Christmas, she picked up basketball.  And LOVED it.

She dribbles a ball everywhere.  With her feet or her hands.

We don't even own a basketball. We need to change that.

One day, they sent home a flier from school about something the Y offers called 'Biddy Basketball' for kids age 5-8.  

All I had to do was tell her about and she was SOLD.

So we signed up.

Thursday night was the first night of practice.  They have 2 weeks of practice (with homework!) and then I think 4 games.

We'll see how this season goes and then we'll see if she wants to do it again. But if the first practice was any indication, I think we'll be back next season!

 She is a pretty good dribbler.

 Waiting her turn.

 Her shooting is what she needs to work on.

She kept looking over at me to make sure sister and I were watching.
 They had 4 'stations' set up and they rotated.  Stations were: passing, shooting, dribbling, and I'm not sure of the other one.  I was a little busy chasing the little sister.

She's pretty excited that a girl from her class is on her team.  And yes, she is just that much taller than most on her team. Well, she's taller than a lot of the kids out there.

I played basketball until I went to high school.  I couldn't do it anymore because basketball and soccer were at the same time.  I picked the COLD, outside sport.  But was so glad I did.  I love basketball but it's not the same as soccer for me.

Maybe my brother and sis in law can teach her some things since they both played for longer than I did!

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