February 18, 2013

1.5 Years

Today is a big day.

My BABY is 18 months old.  Y'all, that's a year and a half old.  When did this happen?

Today, she shares it with the birthday of 2 special friends of mine.

Happy birthday Lisa Mc.  Thanks for letting me spend your birthday weekend with you!!!  I never knew when I got my first 'real' job that I would walk away with just a great friend!

I know it's an old pic but it's one of my favs!

Happy birthday Hovas!  Last year was a BIG year for you and I know God has a great one planned for you this year.  Praying for you even more over the next few weeks.
Kelly and her son Davis.  Oh how we have prayed for these two!  And will continue to!  If you would like to join us, pray for Kelly as she is having heart surgery next week.  Big girl stuff.

Now, back to my girl.
Her sister picked out chocolate hearts (Reese's) for Valentine's so, of course, we had to let Baby Sister try one.  I think she liked it.

Boring Stats, etc:

Diaper - Size 4, Probably going to try 5 when we run out of the ones we have now.

Weight -  She weighs about 26 pounds.  She's thick, like her sister.

Clothes - She is mostly wearing 18 month clothes.  I pulled out and washed a bunch of her sister's 2T and 24 month clothes for her to try since they are all cold weather clothes.  The Valentine outfit she wore the other day was her Sister's.  It was a little big but not falling off of her.

Sleep - Oh sleep.  Some nights she does great.  Some nights NOT.  The past 2 weeks, like CLOCKWORK, she wakes up at 10:45 pm.  Sometimes she easily goes back to sleep, but most nights it's a struggle.  She wants to watch TV or play.  Yeah, Mama is tired.  I'm hoping she's teething and it's just a phase.  I can't help but love on her because she's had a rough month.  So what's a little extra snuggling?  Except when it lasts til the wee hours of the morning and Mama has to go to work the next day.  She gets to take a nap and I don't.  Oh well, I can sleep when she's in college.  Right???

Teeth -  She has 4 on top, 4 on bottom and 4 molars, all in now.  I think she is starting to get her 'eye' teeth but I can't really tell. I'm hoping this is the cause of the above sleep issues.

Activities - She is still super BUSY. She LOVES to dance and knows all the motions to 'The Wheels On The Bus' and yes we still listen to it numerous times a day.  She loves Mickey Mouse. 
She is talking more and more these days.  She likes to squeal too. Yet another thing her sister has taught her. ARGH.  It's rarely quiet at our house, and usually only after about 8 pm.  You can now ask if her she wants a particular thing and she will shake her head yes or no.  She has gone #1 in the potty a time or 10 but we aren't worrying with that just yet.  Potty training her sister was rough and I do NOT look forward to it.  At least I know what NOT to do.  I hope anyway.

She gives the best hugs and sweetest sugar.  But she won't give up many.  I'm lucky if I get one or two kisses a day.  When she's tired at night, she won't even love on her sister.  Which is major for both parties.  We are working on that.  Her demeanor is so sweet.  She is rarely upset at anything, except (mostly) when she's tired.  You don't want to mess with her then.

Eating - She's too busy to eat much but she likes macaroni and cheese, just like her sister.  She also likes most any fruit or vegetable I've put in front of her.  She loves green beans and oranges.  And yes, sometimes together.

This past few weeks have been pretty rough for her.  She had the stomach bug (and shared with a few others, how nice of her) and went to the ER for the first time.  Long story short (or for another blog post, maybe), she had Nursemaid's Elbow.  I was combing her hair (or attempting to) Super Bowl night and she jerked away from me.  Little did I know this happened.  When we got home (had been at my parent's), she was screaming and not moving her arm.  Luckily, my sweet friend, Deann, was working in the ER that night.  After a pretty quick visit and quite a few tears shed, my baby is fine.  It pops back on its own.  Our pediatrician showed me how to pop it back just in case it happens again.  Traumatic for her little 17 month old self.  She now has a bad case of white coat syndrome.  Hopefully, she will get over that.

Ok, I think that's it.  We don't go for her 18 month check up until the end of March.  We had an appointment over Spring Break but our Dr. is taking off with her kids so they rescheduled us.  We'll be a month and a half behind but it will be ok.

Love you sweet little Baby Sister.  Who is not a baby anymore.

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