February 27, 2013

Pillow Talk

No, it's not what you are thinking...

I had the sweetest conversation with my 6 year old last night.  That tells me she is really starting to 'get' it.

She woke up a few times the night before and came in my room telling me she had some bad dreams and was scared.  The first time, I took her back to her room and sat with her until she went back to sleep.  The 2nd time I was just tooooo tired and let her crawl in the bed with me.  

If you know me, you know that's big.  She's only slept in my bed a handful of times.  My bed is for me.  Not kids that kick and crawl and snore.  I don't apologize for it either.

So last night, she was worried she was going to have the same bad dreams again.  She wouldn't tell me what they were about because it scared her, whatever it was.

I laid down beside her fro a few songs until she told me it was ok to go away.  Not 10 minutes later she came back in the living room and told me she just couldn't close her eyes because she kept remembering the dreams.

So I went back in her room and laid down with her again.  We talked for a few minutes and she said the most beautiful words.  Almost.

"Mama, I prayed to God to help me but nothing's happened yet."

Music to my ears!  She did it all on her own!!!

Then we talked about how He always answers our prayers, just not sometimes the way we want it to be or in the time we want it to be.

This morning when she got up, I asked her if she had any dreams.  She told me she didn't dream at all.

Then she said, "He did listen Mama."

Be still my heart.

She may be my super challenging busy gal, but these moments make it worth everything!

She is the student of the week in her class this week and is soooo happy because it's ALLL about her.  I went to go eat lunch with her yesterday and read to her class.  She was so proud.

I'm pretty sure I'm the prouder one...

My prayer for her is that she will always have a child-like faith!

February 22, 2013

NOLA Day 3

This was the last day for the 3 of that remained in New Orleans.  

Our hotel had a great breakfast so after a shower and some breakfast (for me anyway), Lisa and Bobby and I decided to try the restaurant from the night before that had such a long wait. We were hoping to beat the church crowd and the regular crowd.

Lisa has a friend that used to live in NOLA so he gave us some great tips of places to eat.  This one was spot on. Not sure if I would have waited 1 and a half hours for it but it was good.  

The place is called Deanie's Seafood.  We had scoped out the menu the day before and pretty much knew what we wanted to eat.

Bob had the crab quartet, I had the crawfish quartet, and Lisa had a shrimp poboy.  It was all fabulous.  

Yeah, this was my plate.  DELISH.  I brought some of it home for the hubby to wait.  Crawfish prepared four delicious ways – crawfish etouffee, crawfish au gratin, fried crawfish tails and crawfish dressing balls.  AND FRIES.  There was no way I could eat all that.  Their stuffed shrimp looked pretty good too. We were eyeing it at the table next to us.

Lisa's poboy did not come with fries but that thing was HUGE.  Bobby liked his but said it was a bit much crab. ha.

All in all, we had a GREAT weekend with friends, even though hubby had to miss part of it.  

Thanks to my parents for keeping my kiddos.

February 21, 2013

NOLA Day 2

After a good night's rest and a hearty breakfast at the hotel, Hubby and I ventured across the river to purchase his new car.  

After the car purchase, he had to come back home to get ready for work the next day.  I stayed behind with Lisa and Bobby.

We headed over toe Jackson Square and the French Market.  

First up was lunch at Cafe Maspero.  Lisa and I split the club sandwich, which was HUGE, and the jambalaya maybe. It was all good. They also have cheap daiquiris so I tried their strawberry one.  It was not good.  It was like they made it with Malibu rum and I am NOT a coconut fan or a rum fan.  Glad I didn't spend much on that.

When we left there, we headed over the the place where you can watch the street performers.

We got there just in time to see them getting ready to start a new show.  I'm not sure if this is who was there but they are very similar.  They were funny too.

I thought it was really a great show.  They weren't vulgar and they seemed to have a great message. They involved some kids too.  I was glad we got to see them.

After that, we headed toward the French Market.  We were just browsing the shops, etc.  It was a bit windy and chilly.

When Bobby had enough of the cold, he headed back to to hotel to get his jacket.  Lisa and I waited in line at Cafe Du Monde.

OH MY WORD.  I have missed those beignets.

After all that deliciousness, we headed back to the hotel to recharge, us and our phones!

Next, we headed back to the French Quarter.  We'd heard we should really try this restaurant on a side street but when we got there, the wait was 1.5 hours long.  We decided it was not worth it.

Back on Bourbon, we found a little place called Old Nawlins Cookery.  It was late and we weren't starving but we did want something.  This place was fun.  We ate upstairs almost like in someone's house or something.  They had the NBA Slam Dunk contest on so we watched that some too.

Gumbo was devine.

Crab cakes were even better. YUMMY.

After we were sufficiently stuffed, we headed to the Cat's Meow to watch some idiots sing karaoke.  We saw a few bachlorette parties and some got annoying.

We did end up upstairs where there was WAY more room and you could go out on the balcony.

We ended up at a nice place called Old Opera House because they were playing 80's music.  The band ended up being pretty good and we ended up getting a table in the back so we could sit and watch.  The only bad part?  Pushy waitress would not leave us alone.

Night 2 was a success.  Bobby, Lisa, and 'Serena' headed back to the hotel for some sleep!

Next up, the last day!

February 20, 2013

NOLA baby! Day 1

Since this was going to be such a long post, I've broken it down into 2.  You are welcome.
It's been at least 8 years since I've been to New Orleans.  We spent a night there on our honeymoon and then went back with some friends another time.  Then Hurricane Katrina came and ravished NOLA and the MS Gulf Coast.

My BFF, Lisa, and her hubby Bobby invited us to NOLA to spend her birthday weekend.  It was 'supposed' to be the end of my hubby's shutdown at work, where he'd worked about 2.5 weeks STRAIGHT mostly 12 hour shifts.  Plus, it's always nice to take a kid-free mini-vacation with your spouse every once in a while.

So when they asked, we said yes.  Of course, we thought Hubby would be off work all weekend.  That didn't happen but it's ok.  He went down for Friday night and came home Saturday, with a new car. That's all for another post.

I ended up taking off all day Friday so I could run errands and we could leave before lunch.  It's only about 3.5 hours from home so it's not a bad drive.

Our friends got there about an hour after us. 

We stayed at the Hampton Inn Downtown.  VERY convenient to everything.   Close enough to everything but far enough away from the craziness.  They had a great breakfast and nice and spacious rooms.

Friday night, we treated Lisa and Bobby to dinner at Drago's Restaurant. Hubby had seen it on the Food Network and Lisa has a friend who told her to try a few places and this was one of them.

They are home to the ORIGINAL charbroiled oysters.  We tried them.  They were ok.  I'm not an oyster fan but these weren't bad.  I won't order them again but at least we can say we tried them.

 Boys will be boys...
 Typical pic of us.

Me and the birthday BFF

Hubby had a pretty good crab cake but the rest of the food was just ok.  Pretty bland to be in New Orleans. Lisa's pasta was pretty good.

 Crab cake
My shrimp platter.  It even LOOKS bland.

This place was huge but I was less than impressed.  And we were starving.

After dinner, we headed over to Bourbon St. for some entertainment. There are crazies there.

Good street performers.

Then we headed into a bar that wasn't very busy and had tables we could sit at.  We are lazy and tired of walking. Plus, the music was good.  This band was playing fun songs with fun instruments.  The lead singer was playing the washboard with spoons.  One of the other guys played the accordion.

We had a good time just sitting around the table visiting.  And people watching, for sure!

Day 1 was a success.  We had a great time!

Check back for day 2.

February 19, 2013

Happy Birthday OJ!

 Today is another special birthday!  

It's Aunt Ollie Jean's birthday!  She's the best photographer a girl could ask for.  We are soo super duper blessed that she catches so much in pictures.  

This is one of my favorite pictures she's ever taken.  I was giving birth to Baby Sister (or maybe just finished, TMI, sorry).  These are the moments I missed but so happy she was there to capture them!

I don't have many pics of her, since she's usually behind the camera!
Lollie and Chloe, Christmas 2012

Happy birthday Aunt Jean. We love you to pieces!!!!

February 18, 2013

1.5 Years

Today is a big day.

My BABY is 18 months old.  Y'all, that's a year and a half old.  When did this happen?

Today, she shares it with the birthday of 2 special friends of mine.

Happy birthday Lisa Mc.  Thanks for letting me spend your birthday weekend with you!!!  I never knew when I got my first 'real' job that I would walk away with just a great friend!

I know it's an old pic but it's one of my favs!

Happy birthday Hovas!  Last year was a BIG year for you and I know God has a great one planned for you this year.  Praying for you even more over the next few weeks.
Kelly and her son Davis.  Oh how we have prayed for these two!  And will continue to!  If you would like to join us, pray for Kelly as she is having heart surgery next week.  Big girl stuff.

Now, back to my girl.
Her sister picked out chocolate hearts (Reese's) for Valentine's so, of course, we had to let Baby Sister try one.  I think she liked it.

Boring Stats, etc:

Diaper - Size 4, Probably going to try 5 when we run out of the ones we have now.

Weight -  She weighs about 26 pounds.  She's thick, like her sister.

Clothes - She is mostly wearing 18 month clothes.  I pulled out and washed a bunch of her sister's 2T and 24 month clothes for her to try since they are all cold weather clothes.  The Valentine outfit she wore the other day was her Sister's.  It was a little big but not falling off of her.

Sleep - Oh sleep.  Some nights she does great.  Some nights NOT.  The past 2 weeks, like CLOCKWORK, she wakes up at 10:45 pm.  Sometimes she easily goes back to sleep, but most nights it's a struggle.  She wants to watch TV or play.  Yeah, Mama is tired.  I'm hoping she's teething and it's just a phase.  I can't help but love on her because she's had a rough month.  So what's a little extra snuggling?  Except when it lasts til the wee hours of the morning and Mama has to go to work the next day.  She gets to take a nap and I don't.  Oh well, I can sleep when she's in college.  Right???

Teeth -  She has 4 on top, 4 on bottom and 4 molars, all in now.  I think she is starting to get her 'eye' teeth but I can't really tell. I'm hoping this is the cause of the above sleep issues.

Activities - She is still super BUSY. She LOVES to dance and knows all the motions to 'The Wheels On The Bus' and yes we still listen to it numerous times a day.  She loves Mickey Mouse. 
She is talking more and more these days.  She likes to squeal too. Yet another thing her sister has taught her. ARGH.  It's rarely quiet at our house, and usually only after about 8 pm.  You can now ask if her she wants a particular thing and she will shake her head yes or no.  She has gone #1 in the potty a time or 10 but we aren't worrying with that just yet.  Potty training her sister was rough and I do NOT look forward to it.  At least I know what NOT to do.  I hope anyway.

She gives the best hugs and sweetest sugar.  But she won't give up many.  I'm lucky if I get one or two kisses a day.  When she's tired at night, she won't even love on her sister.  Which is major for both parties.  We are working on that.  Her demeanor is so sweet.  She is rarely upset at anything, except (mostly) when she's tired.  You don't want to mess with her then.

Eating - She's too busy to eat much but she likes macaroni and cheese, just like her sister.  She also likes most any fruit or vegetable I've put in front of her.  She loves green beans and oranges.  And yes, sometimes together.

This past few weeks have been pretty rough for her.  She had the stomach bug (and shared with a few others, how nice of her) and went to the ER for the first time.  Long story short (or for another blog post, maybe), she had Nursemaid's Elbow.  I was combing her hair (or attempting to) Super Bowl night and she jerked away from me.  Little did I know this happened.  When we got home (had been at my parent's), she was screaming and not moving her arm.  Luckily, my sweet friend, Deann, was working in the ER that night.  After a pretty quick visit and quite a few tears shed, my baby is fine.  It pops back on its own.  Our pediatrician showed me how to pop it back just in case it happens again.  Traumatic for her little 17 month old self.  She now has a bad case of white coat syndrome.  Hopefully, she will get over that.

Ok, I think that's it.  We don't go for her 18 month check up until the end of March.  We had an appointment over Spring Break but our Dr. is taking off with her kids so they rescheduled us.  We'll be a month and a half behind but it will be ok.

Love you sweet little Baby Sister.  Who is not a baby anymore.

February 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Whitt

My sweet sweet nephew Whitt is 3 years old today!!

We had no idea how he would change everyone's lives when he was born!

He's all boy but has a soft spot in his heart.  I know his tickle spot so I find it often just to hear his fun little boy giggle!

He's very independent but will get his feelings hurt when the older 2 leave him out.  He thinks he can do whatever his big brother can do!

The other night at church, he had on a shirt with a monster appliqued on it.  I asked him if that was a monster and this was his reply, "Yea, but monsters aren't real you know!"

We love you Whitter!!!  Have a great dinosaur-filled day!

February 13, 2013

Schooled by a 6 year old

Yesterday on the way to school, I made the simple statement, "I'm so sick of all this rain. It's so dreary."

My super smart 6 year old promptly responded with, "Mama, you just need to pray for a sunny day.  It's not something you normally would ask God for but He listens."

Point 1 to the kid.

Our devotional the night before had been about seeking God in the light and the dark, the good and the bad.  

She gets it.  She hears it.  She understands it.

After that devotional, we were saying our prayers.  She asked me to say mine first.  Then she took over.

My prayers were basically thanking God for a wonderful (GREEN) day and everyone in our family.

When she took over, she thanked God for dying on the cross for our sins, for giving up his son for us, and for giving us everything we need.

Point 2 for the kiddo.

I should know better.  She's smart.  She understands a lot more than I give her credit for.

So here's praying for our friends in Hattiesburg and Oak Grove.  And praying for some sunshine and rainbows.

February 12, 2013

A box

A box makes for easy entertaining of a 6 year old and 17 month old.

My mom got a new recliner for Christmas. And guess what it came in?


I told my parents NOT to throw it away, it would come in handy one day.

Super Bowl Sunday, we made a trip to visit.  The weather was amazingly perfect and the kids played and played outside.

After a few relay races, my Dad and I were both tired of pushing a kid in the new car while racing her sister.  So we convinced them to do something else.

He busted out the big box.

You would have thought it was the newest and finest and shiniest new toy!

He cut out a door and a window.

All I kept thinking about was Phil in Duck Dynasty when he made a 'playhouse' for the granddaughters.  With a chainsaw.

My dad isn't quite that redneck.  He used a knife.

This was her telling me I never took ANY pictures of her.

Of course, she convinced me to get in it.  I was afraid these hips wouldn't fit through the door, but they did.  There was a TON of room. All 3 of us fit.  Baby Sister just likes to get in and out of it so she didn't stay long.

Best idea EVER.

February 11, 2013

Blue Man Group

Most of you know that I enjoy going to plays.  

For my birthday (yeah, back in September), my mom gave me tickets to see a show in May.  

That's how we roll.  I'll take it.

Well, it turned out, that show was not coming due to a scheduling conflict.  So they offered her tickets to see Blue Man Group or the Addams Family Values.

My sweet friend Katrina had just asked him if I wanted to see BMG the week before.  I told her I would pass.  Just didn't see like my cup of tea.  

Then we Mom found out the show was cancelled and they were offering to swap her tickets to BMG, I said sure. Why not?

So I called my date, Katrina (she was gonna be my date to the other show anyway), and she was in.

Since her birthday was earlier in Jan. I told her it was her birthday present too.  hehehe.  Oh, and I bought her dinner.  At Chick-Fil-A.  

Yes again, that's how we roll.

The opening of the show was not at all what I expected.

They had screens showing random tidbits of info. 

And those red things at the top?  They were scrolling things we were supposed to say.  Like happy birthday to someone.  We were instructed to READ it, not sing it.  They told you not to text during the show because it intimated the old folks.  But tweeting was ok!

It was hard to get any good pics during the show.  We were too busy laughing!

They pulled this sweet older lady out of the crowd (don't think she was a 'plant' but she might have been, they did have some of those).  She was talking and talking and talking.  One of the guys almost busted out laughing at one time.

The ending was my favorite part!

 They drummed on these huge balls and then released them to the crowd.

 They were like big beach balls bouncing around.

Then the threw out confetti and streamers.  We were all standing up 'shaking out money makers' as they said.  Oh, and they had like 40 names for your rump.

All in all, I will have to say, this one shocked me but I would say it's in my top 5 or 10 shows of all time.

If you have the opportunity to see them, DO IT!  I was a skeptic, but not I believe. 

Thanks Mom for a great birthday present. From Katrina and ME!