January 29, 2013

Sock Hop

Saturday, our ladies group at church hosted a 'Sock Hop' for the Preschool through 5th grade kids.  Admission was a pack of adult socks to be given to a local shelter.

My sis in law did a great job.  I really think she missed her calling in life as a party planner.  I was the bad person who didn't do much to help with this event.  We basically showed up and then left when my oldest had had enough.  You know those moments right?  When the meltdown is inevitable.  (All she wanted was to hula hoop just ONE more time, you know, big world problems cause meltdowns!)  I will say it was nice to just show up to an event every once and a while and not have to plan a thing.  I'm such a planner though and usually I know things are going to happen if I work on it.  But this time, I knew they were in good hands.  And yes, I did ask if they needed any help.  I performed the duties asked of me.  At least I think I did!

 My awesome mom made these poodle skirts, basically at the last minute.  She rocks!
 We were transformed to the days of old!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture.  They really look like they are in a 50's diner or something.  And the way the younger 2 are looking at each other?  SWOON!!!!  Makes me smile!

Everybody had a great time.  Somebody mentioned to me that Big Sister would have done well in the 50's.  She loved some limbo and hula hooping.  She even skipped out on ice cream for the bubble gum contest.  She was made for that one.

 They bunny hopped.  They had coke floats.  They did the limbo.  They had a bubble blowing contest.  They had a hula hooping contest.  

Thanks to the B.E.L.L.E.S for hosting yet another fun event!

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