January 22, 2013

Rainbows Away!

WARNING: Long post with lots of pictures!
My kiddo is ALL about planning parties these days.  So when it came time to plan her 6th birthday party, she was all over it!  She even knew down to what she wanted the cake to look like and say!

She told me she wanted a rainbow party.  Complete with a cake that said, "Rainbows away.  Happy Birthday!"

I didn't know this in the beginning but about a week or 2 before her party, I realized she had been talking about rainbows in Sunday School.  I'm still not sure what the rainbows away part comes in but it works for her.

We went to Kroger to order the cake.  They have a computer screen set up and they can design it while you watch and make sure it's what you want.  Then they basically print it out on edible sheets and place on the cake.  But it worked for us. She LOVED getting to see it on the screen and tell them EXACTLY what she wanted.

I found a recipe for some rainbow cupcakes that I wanted to try.  I tried to convince her to just do the cupcakes but she was not having it.  She wanted BOTH.  That's what I get.

Sexy isn't it?
Hubby made the first batch.  I made the 2nd batch.  It was a process.  They were cute though.  And tasty!  A lady at my work offered to make the icing after I completely ruined some!

I called his 'hippy cupcakes!'

We had her party at the local skating rink.  She donates all her birthday presents to Batson Children's Hospital so we go a little all out for the party.  IT was fun.

 Birthday girl!

She also wanted her fingernails painted like a rainbow.  So what do you do?  Oblige for the birthday girl.  And yes, she milked it ALLLL day.

Her treat bags looked like rainbows and they were filled with colorful candy like Starburst, Skittles, suckers, etc.  Parents, you are welcome.

I printed up the tags at work.

Before her party, she requested donuts for breakfast (who doesn't?).  We also gave her a few gifts (PJ's and a talking Doc McStuffins that already doesn't work anymore).

All in all, I think this girl had a GREAT birthday.  She got not 1 but 2 birthday pencils at school.  Her Nana came to eat lunch with her.  AND, they announced over the intercom that it was her birthday!  I know they do this for all, but for my kindergartener, it was HUGE.

I can't believe she's 6.  She has her 6 year check up today and she is not the least bit scared or worried.  I think because she knows there are no shots involved.  The last 3 times she's been to the Dr, she's gotten a shot.  I just realized that. Wow.  She got her 5 year old shots, a penicillin shot when she had strep, and a flu shot.  I guess it's good we've only been to the Dr. 3 times this year, for her anyway!

I can't wait to see what year 6 holds for us! 
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