January 30, 2013

Photo Wednesday

Over the past couple of weekends, I've been going through old photos since I'm all nostalgic about the kid turning 6. 

I found these gems in one of the boxes of photos.

 It's the hubby with his 2nd love (I came before the dog and she came before kids).   She's the crazy dog I bought him for his 21st birthday.  We had her until this summer.  11 years.  She was always loyal but not so friendly to outsiders.

She was a great dog to our kids.  So protective of them, and us.

She had epilepsy and in the end, cancer.  Doggie cancer.  Who knew it could get the canines too?

I'm thankful we had her for so long.  And thankful for great animal healthcare!  Thanks bro!

There will never be another like her!
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