January 31, 2013

Jersey Boys

Ok, I know I am WAY behind with this post but I didn't want to leave it out!

A while back, my mom and her friend went to see Jersey Boys in Memphis.  I don't remember why I didn't go but I didn't.  They had such a great time that Mom said if they ever came back, she wanted me to go.

See Mom and I like going to see musicals.  For my birthday, she gave me tickets to a show.  I think for her birthday, we did the same.  I know we've done it a few times!  It's harder to get to these shows now that my kids are here.  Before kids (BK, when a lot was easier), we would go to every show in that company!  My brother and sis in law too.  Now it's a lot harder to plan for a sitter, etc.

On our way to a flea market back in October, I got an email saying that Jersey Boys was going to be in Memphis and New Orleans in Dec. and Jan.  I just happened to be with my mom and her friend!  It was decided at that moment, we would be going, we just had to figure out the dates.

When you have a shift working husband and a kid in school, it makes for some interesting scheduling!  Once we figured it out, tickets were bought for opening night and hotel booked in Memphis.  It was a few weeks before Christmas so we were able to do some last minute Christmas shopping along the way as well.

We rode the trolley around once we checked into our hotel.  It was raining so we didn't do too much.
We had a fabulous dinner at a swanky restaurant just down the street from the Orpheum. They show old movies on the back wall!

Then, it was showtime.   This was my first time in the Orpheum.  Oh my word!  It was beautiful.  These pictures do not do it justice!

 I remember sitting down beside my mom and an older lady and her husband.  She said, "Is this your first time to see Jersey Boys?  You are too young to be here. Are you going to know any of the songs?"  I told her she would be surprised.  My mom has taught me well in the art of oldies but goodies!

WHAT AN AWESOME SHOW!  I know my mom and her friend smiled through the entire show but I think I did too!  I recommend that everyone go see this show at some point in your life!  Even if you aren't a big fan of this genre or time period.  It's a good story but it's a bit racy.  Yes, there is cussing and drinking and smoking, etc. but it was well worth it!

Plus, it was a nice little girls getaway and the hubby did just fine with our girls!

Now Mom, when are we going to Vegas or NYC to see it again??????

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