January 23, 2013

Ciao Baby!

We only have 1 guy at our office and he turned 50 Monday.  He's going with some other friends to Italy in May to celebrate them all turning 50.  I'm so jealous!

We do birthdays pretty big around here.  Especially if it's a BIG one.

We decided to surprise him on Friday with an Italian-themed birthday celebration!  We even sang (butchered) Happy Birthday in Italian.  No, there is no video!!!!

We googled Italian dishes and got creative!  It was FUN!!!

 This is my friend Stacey.  The mustaches were her idea for party favors!  She also got some stick on ones that my kid is obsessed with!  Remember the 100th day post?  Yeah.  OBSESSED.


Yeah, I had the task of making cupcakes since I brought the leftover rainbow ones.  They were red, white and green like the flag.  Stacey's daughter colored these flags to go on top.  Plus, I had leftover icing!

 Yes, this is homemade bread.  It was so good and gone in about 5 minutes.

 These looked good but did not taste as good.

We cooked up some pizza and lasagna and Alfredo for lunch.  We had a great time.  And were all stuffed for about 6 hours.

Happy birthday John.  Or shall I say, "Tanti Auguri!"

And thanks to Elizabeth for the great ideas for birthday presents!  I got him Rick Steeves Guide to Italy!  And How to Speak Italian in 20 Words or Less.

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