January 10, 2013

All Clear!

I am happy to report that we went back to the Dr. yesterday for a check up and Baby Sister got the all clear.  No more junk in her lungs (which means no more breathing machine!) and ears are good!

I am also happy to report that she is mostly back to being the good, sweet baby she was before she got sick.  Man, it was rough for about 2 weeks but thank goodness things are better!

I will say that I am so glad that she hasn't really been sick up until this point.  Last Christmas she was puny and she's had an ear infection or two, but that's it.  I'll take it!

She also got the other part of her flu shot, which she was NOT a fan of but was fine as soon as we walked out of the room.

This is what happened right after we got in the car though.
 I love those lips!

Another happy report, my friends Alissa and JR successfully made it home from China with their son, Sam.  I'm so excited for them and can't wait to hear more about their journey, that has only just begun!  Thanks for praying for them!
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