January 12, 2013

6 Years

January 12, 2007 is a day I think I will remember forever.  I remember what I was wearing, what the weather was doing, and what I ate for breakfast.

Then, in a matter of hours, my life changed forever.

 We became a family of 3.  I became a mom.  Hubby became a dad.

A new phase of life.  A new season.  A different world.  It was no longer about us.

And for the past 6 years, Big Sister has not let us forget that.  It's all about her.  Drama and all.  

Well, throw in a little sister a year and a half ago and it's changed.  A little.

Wow, 6 years.  I blinked and that happened.

Big Sister is so protective of her sister.  She likes to manipulate her into swapping toys so she can get the one she wants, like any good big sister or brother right?  I'll never know.  I'm the little sister.

The mutual love and adoration my girls share is something I never expected.  It is soooo sweet to watch.  Most days.  I'm so glad there is such an age difference so Baby Sister truly has a role model.  If only I can get that to stick with Big Sister!

She has grown up so much this past year.  I don't know if it's from starting public school, going to the YMCA Day Camps, being a big sister, or just her age.  It makes me happy and sad at the same time.

We have loved every (ok, maybe not every) moment of watching this girl grow up.  While she challenges us in every way possible, she has such a sweet heart and is on fire for the Lord.  She wants to be a missionary when she grows up and will gladly share her faith with you.  

She's a natural leader.  She always wants to be first.  She is very competitive.

She is soooo not a girly girl.  On some levels.  She does like to have her fingernails painted, but she also likes the pirate tattoos.  She likes to put on make-up, but likes to play in the dirt.

She LOVES soccer and wants to try softball this year too.

She's a lot like me in that aspect.  She gets all the bad attributes from her Daddy.  Yep, I said it.  Not 100% true.

My 'baby' is now almost 4 feet tall.  Yes, she is tall for her age.  She's in the 105 percentile.  My over-achiever.  

She weighs about 60 pounds.  She's thick.  And thinks she 10.  Or more.

She will be DRIVING in 10 years.  That one I can't handle.  Although, she can handle Papaw's 4-wheeler like a PRO.  So much so, she asked me why she can't drive a car yet.  Seriously.

She's learned so much in school this year.  She reads pretty well but prefers me to still read to her.  She's done very well at school, academically. 

She hasn't lost her first tooth yet but is REALLY close to it.  We've been wiggling that poor thing for months.  Both of her bottom front 2 are loose, but one (I'm hoping) will be out in the next few weeks, if not sooner.

And though she pushes the envelope on almost every subject, I love that baby girl with my entire heart.  She will always be my baby.  Always.

Now, she can just stop growing and I'll be ok with it.  

6 year olds don't throw fits right?  Remember that?  I'll let you know how it goes. So far, she's making sure she gets them ALL in before then.

(I was looking back thru some older posts and I asked for the same thing when she turned 4, no whining.  That worked out well. NOT!)

6 years old
5 years old
4 years old

3 years old
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We love you baby girl!  Forever and ever and always!
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