January 24, 2013

6 Year Old Stats

Well, I apparently lied to the kiddo!  We went Tuesday for her 6 year old check up.  I figured they would be doing lab work but thought we were done with shots for quiet a few more years.

I was wrong.

She needed the 2nd part of her Hep A shot.  Ooops.  Well, she got a little hysterical and we didn't get it.  Call me weak, call me not the parent, whatever.  We don't have to have it right now.  Dr. F told her she was big enough to not have to use a booster seat anymore but I'm going to keep her in it until she decides to get the shot.  Call me crazy, call me mean, I don't care.

 This is what we do to pass time.  We were there for 2 hours.  And we were hungry.  We rationed a granola bar from my purse.  And by rationing I mean she ate most of it.

Her 6 year old stats are like this:

Weight - 64 pounds  (She is SOLID)  95th percentile

Height - 48.3 inches, which puts her just above the 95th percentile, close to 97%  (4 feet tall Y'ALL!)  Even the nurse made a comment on how tall she is!

Eye site - 20/20

That's about it.  We don't get as many stats as they get older.  She is doing great academically and socially.  She is where she needs to be with everything.

She's good and perfect in every way (James 1:17).  Except that she likes to talk.  Oh well, one day it will be her biggest asset (remember she wants to be a missionary, on most days anyway).
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