December 28, 2012

Christmas Cookie Decorating

So, what do you do when it's 70 degrees outside at Christmastime?  You PLAY!

Since we didn't have any plans during the day on Christmas Eve, my sis in law invited me and the kids over for a little cookie decorating.  Actually, Big Sister invited herself when we went over earlier in the week to decorate ornaments.

We let them play outside for a little while since it was so nice outside.  Windy but nice.

 Safety first!

 She LOVES to slide!

 His words, "I do it myself!"

 My hat on my French artist.  It was all I had it was windy.

Playing in the leaves.

Then, we decided it was pretty windy, so it was time to decorate!  Aunt Holly is great at kid's crafts.

 She's ready.

They do love each other.

 Cheese faces.

Working hard.
"Don't lick your fingers."  I love how my child minds.
 Yet again, "I do it myself!"

 Here's what she thought of decorating cookies.  Let's just eat them.

The finished products. 
We even left 2 of them for Santa.

Thanks Holly for always being willing to let us ruin your house and have fun!
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